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The Italian Senate Has Initiated Proceedings To Strip The “Yugoslav Executioner Whose Hands Are Stained With Italian Blood” Of His Honorary Title

The Committee on Culture of the Senate of the Italian Republic has initiated the procedure to strip the former “permanent President” of Yugoslavia and Marshal Josip Broz – Tito of the honorary title of “Knight of the Grand Cross” (Cavaliere di Gran Croce).

According to the newspaper “Il primato nacional,” the Brothers of Italy party is demanding that the government withdraw the highest honour that Italy has bestowed on a “Yugoslav dictator”. The possibility of stripping the title from all those guilty of crimes against humanity is envisaged.

The law will be amended

Although the Italian law establishing the “Order of the Republic” does not provide for the removal of honours from deceased persons, the adoption of the new draft law will amend a specific paragraph so that, as the text states, the “Yugoslav executioner whose hands are stained with Italian blood” will be stripped of his title posthumously.

The historic request to strip the Yugoslav dictator Josip Broz – Tito of his honorary title was submitted by family members of victims of the mass killings. They say Tito was responsible for the extermination of thousands of Italians, as well as the murder of thousands of other opponents of the regime in the former Yugoslavia. According to the newspaper “Il primato nacional,” these facts have been established on the basis of a recent survey in Slovenia, which confirmed the existence of 750 mass graves and at least 100,000 murdered people.

Sara Kovač

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