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Sweden’s socialist neo-prime minister employed illegal domestic help

Nicaraguan woman wanted by police for deportation order

Only a few weeks in office, The Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson is already involved in a tangible scandal. According to media reports, the Social Democrat has employed an illegal cleaner in her house. Police drove to Andersson’s home in Nacka, near the capital Stockholm, after the alarm system was accidentally triggered there. There, the officers met a cleaning lady with illegal residence status.

Andersson, who has headed the Swedish government since November, said she had terminated all contracts with the cleaning company. “Even those of us who want to do the right thing can fall into the clutches of shady companies,” the left-wing politician justified herself to the newspaper “Expressen”. She also added that the head of the cleaning company had assured her that all his employees would work legally.

The illegal immigrant is said to be a woman from Nicaragua who is in her 20s. Against her loves a deportation order, which is why she has been wanted by the Swedish authorities since autumn 2021.

On the part of the opposition, there is fierce criticism of Andersson. The leader of the opposition Moderate Coalition Party, Tobias Billstrom, pointed out on Twitter that in the United Kingdom, Immigration Secretary Mark Harper had to resign in 2014 after it was discovered that he had employed a cleaner who did not have the right to work.

This article first appeared on ZUR ZEIT, our partner in the EUROPEAN MEDIA COOPERATION.


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