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Sweden: Africans and Arabs raid shelters of Ukrainian refugee women

It sounds almost unbelievable and yet it happens in the middle of Europe: Women from Ukraine fleeing war and misery voluntarily return to the war-torn country because they do not feel safe in the Western European states – above all Germany and Sweden. Muslim migrants and “protection-seeking” Africans, with whom one is crammed into asylum centres and refugee camps, are increasingly committing crimes against the defenseless women – most recently in Germany.
“I’m so scared that I want to go home”

Thousands of Ukrainian women and children have fled to Sweden in recent weeks. Now, Samnytt is the first medium to report that some of them who fled to Örebro want to return to the war in Ukraine because they no longer feel safe after an incident last week in which foreign men broke into their shelter.

“When the bombs come, at least I know that I can go to the basement and hide there,” says one of the women.

The first incident occurred around 3 a.m. At that time, two Somali men knocked on the front door of the dormitory. Without opening the door, the Ukrainian tried to talk to the men outside.

“They looked like African Americans, if I may put it politely. They were black people. Tall and slim with black skin.”

After a while, a third Somali man appeared in front of the hostel. The women found the situation unpleasant, went to their rooms and locked themselves. But the situation should escalate even further.

Somalis and Arabs tried to break into women’s hostel all night

Inexplicably, several Somali men then managed to get into the dormitory.

“They started knocking on the door of a woman living with her two young children, aged two and four. They were horrified. The four-year-old was calm, but the two-year-old screamed,” reported a refugee helper.

“They tried to get to her. The men spoke in a foreign language. She, who lives in the room, does not speak English, but understands English and has understood that the men speak in another language. Then came the Arabs.”

Around 5 o’clock in the morning, a group of Arab men came and tried to enter the hostel. However, they did not manage to penetrate the hostel.

Ukrainian women should “just call the police”

However, the hostel tries to downplay the incident. “Someone knocked on the door and wanted to find a place for the night. They tried to find accommodation,” said one employee.

The hostel has now deployed security personnel to keep an eye on the situation. They have also informed the Ukrainian refugees that they can either contact the hostel staff or call the police on 112 if they feel unsafe. The catch: Interpreters advised the women not to call the police because they were not yet registered with the Swedish Immigration Service.

According to the volunteers, several of the women are so shaken by Monday night’s events that they regret fleeing to Sweden. Some even wish they had stayed in war-torn Ukraine.

“I’m so scared that I want to go home”


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