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Super straight becomes new sexual orientation

Super straight people are only attracted to the opposite sex, to those who identify with their biological gender assigned at birth, meaning they are not transgender. This new classification was needed as the “woke” approach suggests that ordinary heterosexuals are supposed to be attracted to trans people, otherwise they are transphobic.

A new trend presented as a new “sexual orientation” has emerged on social media platforms. It’s called super straight and refers those who are heterosexual, but only like those who identify with their assigned gender at birth (cisgender), that is men are attracted to women who were assigned female at birth, women to men assigned male at birth.

The new classification was probably needed because simply identifying as heterosexual seem to have been outdated. According to woke ideas, ordinary heterosexual people should also be attracted to trans people, implying that a man is not supposed to make a distinction between a cis woman and a trans woman, the latter being a man earlier.

The super straight movement has its official  black and orange flag modelled after the flag of the LGBTQ community.

However, heterosexuals who are not attracted to trans people could be labeled and discriminated against. This is what happened in a television show when the host denounced the super straight movement, describing it being “kind of ridiculous”.

According to Studio10 host, it is transphobic if heterosexual people are only attracted to the opposite sex and refuse to date trans people. The host expalined that it was like refusing to date someone because the person happened to be Italian.

The super straight trend mainly spreads on TikTok where a growing number of videos on the theme are shared, and in fact, the movement kicked off on this platform.

It appears that the term “super straight” can be traced to TikTok user Kyleroyce, who posted a short video on the heterosexual phenomenon. The content creator told Insider he was tired of being branded transphobic for not wanting to date trans women. Therefore, he coined the term to describe himself and like minded peers.

However, the official meaning of this term varies, the Urban Dictionary, for example, refers to it as merely a sexual preference, but the transgender community immediately took super straight-ness to refer to a sexual orientation and were outraged  that it specifically excluded them.

Some say that creating the upheaval was the goal of the “new” movement. According to Yahoo there are discussion threads on 4chan, “where some trolls deliberately planned to provoke a reaction and divide LGBTQ communities by spreading the super-straight idea.”

Since its inception, the term “super straight” is being promoted and is spreading rapidly on other social media platforms, as well such as Twitter.

A SuperStraight subreddit had also appeared, but was banned by Reddit a few days ago. The expination given for the move was that super straightness “promotes hate towards a marginalized or vulnerable group.” “The community had become increasingly exclusionary with hateful content,” Reddit said. TikTok followed suit taking action against the super straight movement.

Meanwhile, some in the LGBTQ community are trying to counter super straightness by inventing such “super orientations” for themselves. For example, the terms “super gay” or “super bisexual” have come up.


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