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Slovenia Has The Most Expensive Electricity In Europe!

Slovenia has the most expensive electricity, according to the EU Energy portal, which monitors electricity prices in the countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway on a daily basis.

On Wednesday, the price of electricity in Slovenia jumped by a staggering 20 percent to 155.22 euros per megawatt-hour, according to the web portal EU energy (available here:, making it the most expensive among all countries measured.

Energy costs in neighbouring Italy and Croatia are 104 euros per megawatt hour, in Hungary, the price is 88 euros, and in Austria 65 euros per megawatt hour. The cheapest price of energy has been recorded in the northern part of Norway, at 31 euros per megawatt hour.

For Golob, the Palestinians are a priority

In light of all of the above, it is worth pointing out that the Slovenian government is led by Dr Robert Golob, a “top manager” and “expert” on energy, who is currently in Jordan attending a conference on aid to Palestine, where he has promised an additional 2.5 million euros to help the Palestinians.

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