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Protest of Hungarian professors against “modernity” and “progressiveness”

The Batthyány Society of Professors is deeply concerned that in European politics such doctrines and expectations are being enforced that are fundamentally contrary to traditional conservative bourgeois values.

We are particularly concerned that the neoliberal and neo-Marxist principles are becoming increasingly clear and vigorous in Hungarian left-liberal political circles and in the independent media, as well as in the NGOs that support these circles.

We do not believe that the nation is an outdated historical construct that can and must be replaced by a supranational community of states. The mostly economically and politically motivated ideas forget that people cannot identify with supranational political organizations because they simply belong to their nations.

We also express our dismay at movements that stand for enhancing the role of social gender, gender, devaluing birth gender, or juxtaposing the two. It is natural to be tolerant of people who follow alternative sexual role patterns, but we find it unacceptable to promote and promote the practice of political and especially LGBTQ groups, the “modernity” and “progressiveness” of homosexuality, transgender identity or other sexual orientations in children.

Again and again we are appalled by the anticlerical and even anti-religious attitudes of left-liberal, neo-Marxist, “green” and other political organizations. We don’t understand why they think religion is a thing of the past.

We consider it extremely hypocritical to want to deny citizenship to Hungarian citizens living abroad on the basis of economic and political considerations and to criticise the support that our country gives them.

The Batthyány Society of Professors protests against anyone who questions or undermines the traditional values of the nation, Christianity and the family.

We believe that these values are the pledge for our future, regardless of current political power. That is why it is our right and duty to defend our individual freedom, our communal identity, our Christian culture and our national unity by all available means.

The Batthyány Society of Professors was founded in 1995 with the aim of providing intellectual stimulation to the Hungarian nation and thereby contributing to the intellectual and economic development of the country. Society is committed to upholding traditional European values

Count Lajos Batthyány (1807–1849) was the Prime Minister of the first independent government of the Kingdom of Hungary. After the suppression of the War of Indies against the Habsburgs (1848–1849), he was executed.

This article was first published by UNGARNREAL, our partner in the EUROPEAN MEDIA COOPERATION.


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