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Polish deputy minister on Brussels: they blackmail, lie and steal our money

It’s not the business of a Brussels bureaucrat to prescribe what laws Poland’s prime minister and ministers should adopt, Poland’s deputy agriculture minister has said, adding that the EU aims to implement a federalist plan without independent states, where decisions on laws, taxes and investments would be made in Brussels.

Like Hungary, Poland has not received the EU funds that the Polish people are entitled to. The European Commission essentially blackmails the right-wing government by withholding the funds in a bid to take control of the country, Polish Deputy Agriculture Minister Janusz Kowalski highlighted, among other issues, in a recent interview.

The European Commission is a body that is financed from taxpayers’ money and should pursue goals that are in line with the interests of the member states, he said.

Instead of this, bureaucrats in Brussels are blackmailing the Poles, they are lying and stealing their money,

Mr Kowalski added, noting that “today is the right moment to back out of previous decisions because the European Union has deceived Poland, it is blackmailing it and withholding its money”. The deputy minister offered a simple example to illustrate the situation Poland is in.

“It’s like going to a bank and taking out a loan. The bank doesn’t disburse the money and it defines new conditions, using the loan as some type of bribe, and it even sets milestones. As a Polish MP, I don’t agree with Brussels drafting a bill instead of me and telling us to change the rules of the Sejm. I don’t agree with the fact that I and Poland are banned from using internal combustion engines, or that they levy new taxes on us. What on earth is this anyway?”

he asked the rhetorical question. The politician thinks the EU wants to implement a federalist plan, in which there are no independent states, and the laws, taxes and investment projects are decided upon in Brussels. So today, Poland should turn the tables, veto everything and by no means agree to any new taxes. “Above all, we must get rid of these so-called milestones, which is a completely unconstitutional procedure,” Janusz Kowalski emphasized.

“Well, it can’t be that a bureaucrat in Brussels questions Poland’s prime minister and ministers about what laws we adopt,”

he added. The deputy minister also said that he could not imagine a scenario when the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party agreed to Poland being deprived of its sovereignty, de facto its independence. He expressed his conviction that “the Law and Justice party will support its coalition partner United Poland (SP), and will firmly reject a federal European Union,” he added.


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