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Police raid EPP headquarters, Poles mention Tusk’s name

Belgian officers raided the first and third floor of the party’s headquarters, the source said. According to the initial information, the police seized computers related to an ongoing inquiry into the financial fraud case involving staff of the European People’s Party (EPP), writes the international news portal EURACTIV.

The EPP – the oldest and biggest European political group – issued an official statement confirming that “representatives from the Belgian and German police authorities visited the party headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday, April 4th. The visit is connected to an ongoing inquiry in Thuringia, Germany.The party is cooperating in full transparency with the authorities involved, providing all relevant information and documentation. As this is an ongoing legal investigation, the EPP will not provide any further comment,” the party’s statement reads.

“This is another step in the investigation into the Qatargate, the outcome of the testimony by Panzeri, who agreed to cooperate with the prosecution,” said Dominik Tarczynski, MEP of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS). “Involving 60 MEPs in the case has also come up,” Mr Tarczynski stressed.

The case goes back several years and also covers the period when Donald Tusk was EPP president, the Polish MEP added. “I look forward to Donald Tusk making a statement on the subject,” Dominik Tarczynski commented.

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