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Poles do not want Donald Tusk to return

The former Polish prime minister and Eurocrat wants to return to power in Poland. Almost half of Poles, however, think life would be worse under his leadership than it is now.

Poles do not want opposition leader Donald Tusk to return and a majority of them are against him even running for prime minister. A survey conducted by United Surveys on behalf of the news portal Wirtualna Polska shows that only 32.4 per cent of those surveyed think that Tusk’s government would help make life better, while 47.6 per cent think life would be worse if the former premier were to take office again. Of the latter group, 18.4 per cent said it would be “slightly worse”, while 29.2 per cent said it would be “much worse”.

It comes as little surprise that voters in the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party are the most vocal opponents of Tusk, with 99 per cent saying their lives would be worse if the Tusk era returned. However, even many of the opposition voters would not support Donald Tusk’s premiership, with only 57 per cent saying that the former PM, who has already failed both on the Polish and the EU level, could give Poles a better life.

Opinions are divided among undecided voters. 23 per cent of them would support Tusk, 45 per cent are against him, whereas the remaining 32 per cent did not have an opinion on the matter.


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