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Poland: Armed Belarusian military active in border storm

There are still hundreds of migrants at the Polish-Belarusian border and some are still trying again to break through the border facilities into the EU. In the apparently deliberately orchestrated action by the Belarusian side, Polish officials are also attacked. According to the Polish Border Guard, a group of more than 100 migrants tried in vain to overcome the fortifications. The incident took place on Saturday (20.11.2921) shortly before midnight near the village of Czeremsza, a spokeswoman said.

Belarusian soldiers actively involved in the border storm Belarusian security forces drove the group to the border in a truck and threw a wooden walkth on the barbed wire.

Poland’s uniformed people were pelted with stones and branches and blinded with laser beams. In total, the border guard registered 208 attempts to cross the border illegally. The actions took place with the participation of Belarusian soldiers (see story picture at the top). The Polish text reads in translation: “Photographs from Dubicze Cerkiewne. Yesterday, 150 aggressive foreigners tried to invade Polish territory. The attack was monitored by Belarusians. Among other things, Belarusian services blinded our soldiers and officers with lasers.”

Here is a video where the last action is documented:

Translation of the text of the tweet: “Yesterday, on 21.11., about 150 aggressive foreigners tried to enter🇵🇱Polish territory on the section protected by the post office in Dubicze Cerkiewne. The attack on the Polish border was monitored by Belarusian services.”


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