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Petition against Faeser’s asylum policy

Against the background of the asylum and migration policy of Nancy Faeser (SPD), which can lead to a new wave of migration as in autumn 2015, the association Zivile Allianz e.V. of Sven von Storch calls for a petition against the plans of the Minister of the Interior.

Is the aim of the civil petition campaign, with the aim not only to stop Faeser’s policy, which is incompatible with the principles of the Basic Law (which states that in Germany only those who do not come from a safe third country may apply for asylum), but also to remove them from office.

Restriction of civil rights but open borders for mass migration …

How does this work together? While Faeser on the one hand wants to massively curtail civil rights (citizens should “voluntarily” renounce their fundamental rights, such as the right to assemble) and restrict freedom of expression – e.B. by threatening to shut down the Telegram platform – on the other hand, it opens the door to a new wave of invasions into the social systems.

Faeser divides the European Union

Not only has it stabbed the Polish government, which protects the EU’s external border and rejected illegal migrants (see our reports). Their push for a “coalition of the willing” has already met with widespread unwillingness in the EU (we reported).
Now it has decided that Germany should take in more Afghan migrants than all other EU states combined. Every migrant from Afghanistan should receive an integration course, regardless of whether they are entitled to asylum or not.

Feaser wants to create incentives for millions of poverty migrants.

It not only wants to expand family reunification, but also to grant German citizenship in an inflationary manner, which means that asylum seekers will be entitled to vote for all asylum seekers after a short time. With this method of breeding its own voting cattle, it is once again dividing not only the EU in migration policy, but also the Germans, who have not even been able to recover from Merkel’s welcoming culture.

Feaser wants to bleed the German taxpayer dry

Now not only are more than 2.5 million Afghans already waiting as refugees outside Afghanistan (especially in Pakistan and Iran) as well as half of the Middle East for an invitation to “Germoney”, also on the African continent – tens of millions of people willing to migrate are in the starting blocks for the .

Especially in the midst of a “pandemic” and the (not only corona-related) economic slump, Faeser’s plans would be an enormous additional burden for the taxpayer and social cohesion, which is already suffering heavily from the burden of the asylum seekers and the corona measures – and ultimately a further step towards the destruction of Germany and Europe.

It is therefore in the interest of all Europeans to stop Faeser’s ludicrous migration plan and to put a stop once and for all to those supposed do-gooders who want to flood Europe with immigrants from other, primarily Muslim, cultures. (Transdanubian)


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