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New case of politically correct madness: Commenting on the chess match labeled as hate speech

The enforcement of political correctness can create confusing and quite comical situations. One such recent case was when YouTube, which uses various algorithms to block and censor so-called hate speech, blocked the channel of a Youtuber, commentator, and chess player, Antonio Radić.

The Croatian Youtuber, who comments and talks about chess on his channel “Agadamator” was a “victim” of YouTube´s algorithms when his channel was suspended because of constant repetition of words, such as “black”, “white” and “attack”. Antonio Radić was of course only commenting on a chess game of Hikaro Nakamura, not advocating for some kind of race war, but the algorithms blocked him because the mentioned words appear in 82% of the comments labeled as so-called “hate speech”.

As we know the chess figures are black and white. Later, Google lifted the suspension without any explanation or apology.

A. S.

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