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Mocking all the Bosniaks who lost their money, companies and families – Janković became an “honorary citizen of Sarajevo”

Do you still remember the Stožice project? And the role of the Mayor of the city, who is the reason why Ljubljana got everything it needed, but the price was paid by many of the subcontractors – lots of whom came from Bosnia? Of course you remember. However, the Sarajevo authorities apparently decided to forget about all of this, as they decorated Janković – because he built a mosque for the Bosniaks in Slovenia. And yet: can you imagine the levels of perversion behind Sarajevo thanking the Mayor of Ljubljana for taking care of his “guest workers’” spiritual needs? A man who could not care less for the spiritual care of Ljubljana’s Catholics.

The Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković became an honorary citizen of Sarajevo. He was awarded the title by the Sarajevo councillors at the suggestion of the local Mayor, Abdulah Skaka. In his thank-you speech, Jankovič pointed out that he likes the city of Sarajevo very much and hopes that the city also likes him. He highlighted the connection between Ljubljana and Sarajevo, which signed an agreement for cooperation in 2002. Just how do all those Bosniak families who lost their property, and some even their fathers because of Zoki, feel about all of this?

When reading what is written on the website of the city of Sarajevo, you basically realise how very bourgeois the rhetoric that speaks of the “Ljubljana people” and the “Sarajevo people” really is, and how it is basically only the language of those privileged few who are latched on to the municipal and state budget and who are very much out of touch with the “common folks.” You need to look at the sweet talk on the Sarajevo website from this point of view in order to understand it. Among other things, the website also states that Janković’s contribution to the development and strengthening of the friendship between Ljubljana and Sarajevo is exceptional.

As is also listed on the website, the cities cooperate in the field of culture, tourism, sports, economy and infrastructure projects. They also mention the cooperation between the two universities and highlighted the construction of the mosque in Ljubljana, as well as reminded everyone that one of the streets in Ljubljana has recently been named Sarajevska street. In addition to all of this, they also published an interview with the Mayor of Ljubljana, in which he thanked the citizens for the title of honorary citizen and emphasised that he likes the city very much.  What a cosmopolitan the Mayor of Ljubljana is, right?

Aleš Ernecl

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