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Migrants again killed and attacked in France

Last week, two Algerians were arrested in Paris for the murder of a disabled person during an accidental robbery, Remix News reported. The suspects are 22 and 26 years old, and the attack took place on Friday, July 22nd, around 1:00 a.m.

The attack took place in the Poterne-des-Peupliers district of Paris when a group of migrants set upon a 49-year-old disabled man, punching, and kicking him in an attempt to steal his bag. The blows were fatal for the disabled person, and the migrants fled the scene of the crime.

The victim was still conscious when passers-by noticed him. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital with a wound on the skull, but he died the next day. The authorities soon tracked down the three attackers, of which the aforementioned two were detained by the police, while the third is currently in the administrative centre for foreigners.

Just a few days after the aforementioned attack, an Afghan man was arrested in the French city of Le Mans after he started attacking passers-by with a knife, injuring two. The incident happened on Wednesday, July 27th, around 2:00 in the afternoon. The assailant, aged around thirty, is said to have obtained the knife from a nearby shop just minutes before the attack.

The police arrested the attacked migrant on the spot, one of the police officers was slightly wounded, and the Afghan, who is allegedly “mentally unbalanced”, was placed in the hospital under police supervision.

The district attorney’s office announced to the press that the migrant started attacking passers-by with a knife while shouting words in Arabic. Otherwise, he had a valid residence permit in France, and was installed in Le Mans recently. He underwent a psychiatric evaluation after the attack and faces charges of attempted murder.

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