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Marion Maréchal: “A major demographic shift is taking place”

Marion Maréchal answered questions from a new conservative American media

Tyszka-Drozdowski You said earlier that the biggest problem in French politics is the inability to build a “majority reality”, to create a consensus. Can you tell us more about this problem and what do you think can be done to solve it?

Marion Maréchal:France suffers from a multitude of divisions. An important subdivision is that of the territory, between metropolises and peripheries. (…)The second division is ethnic. Macron himself recently said that more than 10 million French people have families on the other side of the Mediterranean. I think that’s a conservative estimate. France’s population is 60 million. Today, a third of children born in France have at least one non-French parent. So this statistic does not include all second or third generation migrants. There is a huge demographic shift taking place, to which is added the religious divide. Immigration to France is mainly from Africa and North Africa, mainly from the Muslim area. Historically, there has never been such a high level of Islamic immigration in France. Today there are more practicing Muslims in France than practicing Catholics. And it must be said frankly that many Muslim beliefs and customs are incompatible with the French way of life (…)

The electorate is formed by adding up minorities, but nobody cares about creating a unifying vision, an idea of a common destiny. From my point of view, this is the greatest political challenge in France: finding a consensus, a common vision. I don’t have any ready-made solutions. That is why our democracy works so badly, why there are so many protests on the streets, because democracy does not work properly without a “fait majoritaire”. If this element is missing, there will be a minority war, and that is exactly what we are witnessing. This war is also fueled by the individualism that has made its way into Western societies. In France, which is very de-Christianized,

Tyszka-Drozdowski:your opinion, is Éric Zemmour able to create this majority, this “majority fact”?

Marion Maréchal:Zemmour speaks on behalf of the silent majority, a majority that has remained silent for too long. In France, this silent majority – which I believe is still the majority – lives in a state of civilizational unrest. It has the feeling that its culture, its country, its history is being stolen from it. This majority does not always express this feeling because it is an emotion and it is difficult to find a political form for it. But I think Zemmour expresses a concern most French people feel today. The belief that there is too much immigration is widespread across society.

Tyszka-Drozdowski I would like to close by asking you the same question that Alain Peyrefitte de Gaulle asked … Will France still exist?

Marion Maréchal: I hope so. I don’t even want to ask myself the question. I cannot accept that it is any different. France is my ancestral land. I come from Brittany and I cannot imagine that my ancestors’ land, where they have been buried for a thousand years, could be abandoned. I refuse to ask myself that question. I draw my hope from the history of France, Poland and Hungary. In France we never had the existential fear of disappearing like the Hungarians or the Poles. Poland has been divided, always under the threat of a German or Russian hegemony. Hungary had to oppose the Ottoman invasions and colonization by Austria. In our history we have never known this fear, the fear of no longer existing. Today we are starting to feel it, it is something new for us. It has different manifestations, it is something new in our history. We have seen great collapses in history, such as 1940, the defeat of Sedan, the wars of religion or the revolution. But we have also seen great resurrections. Like Joan of Arc, the enigmatic, how can we understand her? She was 19 years old and led the liberation of France. It’s a miracle of history. If this historic miracle happened just once and was performed by a 19 year old, there is still reason to hope and believe that this millennial nation has hidden resources that we do not suspect. I think,


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