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Janša Met With The Hungarian Prime Minister In Budapest

On Saturday, Janez Janša visited Budapest, where he met with the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán. During the meeting, the two statesmen discussed topical political issues, and the President of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), in the company of Hungarian President Katalin Novák, later also attended the opening day of the World Athletics Championships, which are currently taking place in Budapest.

The Hungarian Prime Minister’s website reads that the two statesmen met at the former Carmelite monastery, his official residence.

“Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met with former Slovenian Prime Minister and SDS party leader Janez Janša in Budapest. Discussions covered severe storms hitting Slovenia, which Hungary also aided in mitigating over the past weeks. They talked about global politics, emphasizing the importance of peace amid the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and reviewed tasks ahead for European conservative and Christian parties before the 2024 European Parliament elections. Mr. Janša will attend the celebrations on the 20th of August and the World Athletics Championships in Budapest as well,” wrote Zoltan Kovacs, the Secretary of State for International Communications at the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office, on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Janša apparently also exchanged a few words with Hungarian President Katalin Novák, the same woman who, as a Minister at the time, conquered Triglav in the company of then-Prime Minister Janša and former Interior Minister Aleš Hojs. Hojs also commented on Janša and Novák’s meeting, writing on X: “In August 2021,when Tea Jarc verbally attacked Janez Janša and me at Kredarica, Katalin Novak, then Minister, now President of Hungary, was also there. She could not understand the vile behaviour she witnessed, as such things do not happen in their country. The next day, she climbed to the top of Triglav.”

The SDS President’s visit to our eastern neighbours finished on Sunday, as he stayed there long enough to also watch part of the World Athletics Championships.

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