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How would a Formula 1 star know how Hungarians live?

In Hungary parents have the exclusive right to raise their children and no one else has a say in the matter, Hungarian State Secretary for International Communications and Relations Zoltan Kovacs said on Hungarian public radio (MR1) on Sunday. This right of parents is guaranteed by international treaties, EU documents and the Hungarian Constitution, Mr Kovacs added.

Regarding Brussels postponing the agreement on the recovery fund, the Hungarian state secretary said that if a member state does not act in compliance with the will of Brussels bureaucrats, then a political attack is launched based on fictitious grounds and under the guise of legal issues. They “are in practice blocking” access to the recovery fund at a time when the economy needs rapid intervention to get back on its feet.

We are being blackmailed with the unrelated issue of child protection,” Mr Kovacs said on Hungarian public radio. He explained that the statements of stars arriving for the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prixwith no actual knowledge of the contents of the Hungarian child protection law, are examples of how this international network works, and how “talking heads” can be mobilised to speak out against – for example, the child protection legislation – when a member state diverges from the international mainstream‘s expectations. The state secretary believes that this is perhaps the most despicable part of the campaign against Hungary.

“How would a Formula 1 driver know how Hungarians live?” he posed the rhetorical question, adding that they would also not have any knowledge about how consistently the constitution and the Hungarian government protect the rights of families and children. Even before the text of the stipulated law and related legislation was published, LGBTQ movements – “the international network of organisations funded by George Soros” – were attacking the government on this issue, he pointed out.

Regarding the questions contained in the referendum on child protection and validated by the country’s National Election Commission, the state secretary noted that only Hungarians have the right to decide these issues which are not EU competences. A referendum is the most appropriate way for the people to express their will, Mr Kovacs concluded.

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