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Half A Year Has Passed Since The Brutal Hamas Massacre Of Israeli Civilians

Sunday marked half a year since the Palestinian Hamas’ attacks on civilians in Israel claimed thousands of civilian lives. To mark the six-month milestone of the war, a rally in support of Palestine was held in Ljubljana’s Republic Square. The rally, which was not registered in advance, was organised by a non-governmental organisation led by Muki Dobranić.

“People, civilians, lay motionless and bleeding next to each other,” are the testimonies of survivors of the Hamas attacks that took place in the early hours of the 7th of October last year. Hamas invaded the Israeli towns bordering Gaza unannounced. All civilians, men and women, were killed. They even killed tourists attending a music festival near the border. “Only evil can be responsible for this,” added an Israeli resident.

Tamara Schwarzbard, head of Digital operations at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published the following statement on the social media X: “There is no context. There is only evil and those responsible for it. If you can excuse what Hamas has done, then you are a part of this crime against humanity. Six months later, we remember exactly who we are fighting. May the memory of the victims be a blessing.” She also added a video of the numerous victims of the massacre.

In Slovenia, however, it seems that some people are consciously supporting this evil and even encouraging more violence, as a rally in support of Palestine took place on Sunday.

As we reported on Saturday, the NGO Today is a New Day (Danes je nov dan), led by Filip Muki Dobranić, invited everyone to an unregistered protest in support of Palestine, which took place on Saturday in Ljubljana’s Republic Square. Recent protests in support of Palestine have included violence against passers-by, outright anti-Semitism, and threats against anyone who disagrees with the protesters.

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