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Green member of the Bundestag rushes against fire brigades “with old, white men that nobody needs”

The fact that no woman was elected to the top of the German association in a thoroughly male-dominated profession like the fire brigade (and for good reasons and physical conditions) led a Green member of the Bundestag to launch a veritable tirade of abuse at men and the fire brigade.

“No one needs a fire department just for old, white men!”

The background to the green-left storm of indignation against a traditional and male-dominated section of German society was a Bild report that denounced the alleged years of discrimination against women in the election of the association’s leadership:

“There hasn’t been a woman at the top of the association since 1853: Birgit Kill from the FF Essen was not elected to the presidium of the DFV fire brigade even on the second attempt . She would have been the first woman. For this, officials were confirmed in office, who plunged the association into its greatest crisis 2 years ago.
The green health spokesman in the Bundestag, Janosch Dahmen, reacted to this on Twitter with his hate speech against “white, old men” and the fire brigade in general:

“Unbelievable but true: For a stable 169 years, the German Fire Brigade Association ( DFV) has been led exclusively by men. To keep it that way, Birgit Kill was not elected today either. Nobody needs a fire brigade only for old, white men! It’s time for change! 

However, the shit storm was not long in coming as to whether the statements were made, even though the Greens stuck to their statement in a left-wing manner.
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