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Germany: Where breach of law becomes the desired normality – every second asylum seeker without EU registration

After Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens), who is currently in Rome, “assured Italy of solidarity in the reception of migrants”, which means nothing else, to take in even more North Africans with whom Italy can no longer cope, we want to take a look at the current situation in Germany, where there is still too little “solidarity” from a left-wing and green point of view. The figures that have just been published are just right.
“Germany cannot return the majority of arriving asylum seekers to other EU countries. One reason for this is that it is not possible to determine where they first set foot on European soil,” writes Die Welt a few days ago. The conclusion: “… now they are just there,” to quote Merkel.

Correctly, one would have to replace “can” with “will”, because that one does not want to get rid of uninvited guests here, would have to make sense to the most naïve by now. The reason given “that it is not possible to determine where they first set foot on European soil” is also to be regarded only as an excuse. Because here it is ignored that

  • in the case of illegal entry, repatriation to the home country of the asylum fraudster could well be considered and that
  • it would sometimes be easy to determine through which countries the migrant “traveled” in order to “seek protection” in his desired destination. The current FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl, when he was Minister of the Interior in Austria, led how this can be done. Namely by evaluating the mobile phone data of those who have arrived. As is well known, mobile phones, in contrast to papers, are never lost on the “run”.

The fact that illegal entry is a criminal offence and could have the consequence that such a person is in principle not entitled to asylum is also excluded. Here one could take Israel as a model, where illegal arrivals are given the choice of hissing two options: imprisonment or voluntary return.

Now it is by no means the case that such an illegal immigrant is the exception and a negligible quantity. The opposite is the case: In the first eleven months of last year, the German authorities were unable to get a Eurodac hit for 53 percent of first-time applicants aged 14 and over. These were 39,592 people out of 74,837 first applicants. Only 35,245 new arrivals had a Eurodac hit. And even they would not have lied to anything here if the Dublin regulations had been complied with.

This means that in addition to those legally brought into the country or entered by family reunification, there are over 1,000 people per day (!) who enter here illegally and then “just are there”. And this at a time when the freedom of movement of people “who have been living here for a long time” is massively restricted due to the corona harassment. And where the police control their trunks in shops, restaurants and even in private homes.


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