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Germany on the threshold of a failed state: Rocker war in the middle of Duisburg

10 years ago, the sociologist Michael Ley published a book with dystopian-apocalyptic foresight: “There will be a revolt in Europe. Fewer and fewer people still feel committed to mainstream society. They live permanently in countercultures . With such a development, the social contract between the generations, the different milieus can no longer hold… The consequences are…: increasing crime, urban decay through the emergence of slums, ethnic-religious conflicts and gang wars, political radicalization… Europe is abandoned to decay… (Ley/Fink: The Coming Revolt , 2012 )

Ley’s gloomy theories are already reality:  no-go zones ,  knife murders, Sharia  vigilantism, foreign  culture rapes, Antifa terror  , Arab clans   rule their urban parallel worlds.

Stuttgart sword murder of the refugee Issa Mohammed, July 2019

Duisburg, 4.5. 2022 / 20h40 – Bloody act of revenge in the rocker milieu

On Wednesday evening, a revenge shootout between almost 100 rockers in the middle of Duisburg, at the Hamborner Altmarkt, escalated. At 8:40 p.m., tumultuous scenes erupted out of nowhere: people ran back and forth across the square, shots were fired again and again: “The confrontation claimed four injuries.” (Police spokeswoman Miriam Url) Legs. A total of twenty shell casings were seized. A luxury BMW was literally crushed.

A night-time SEK raid against a large Lebanese family was unsuccessful because the suspects had apparently disappeared beforehand. However, 15 suspects were arrested by the police.

The reason for the martial outbreak of violence: Larger groups of men are said to have banded together for a discussion between enemy rockers. Two Cologne Hells Angels with a migration background, Saman B. and Fatih K., had previously met for a “peace summit”. For days, a violent argument between two “Hells Angels” members from the Duisburg charter had escalated because a Lebanese had been excluded from the club. – He is said to have betrayed other rocker brothers to the police.

Further escalation is imminent

Police spokesman Stefan Hausch is concerned: “The situation is tense, further operational measures are being prepared. There were also arrivals from other cities in the Ruhr area, where there were and are other gangs. At least some of those involved can be attributed to the clan and rocker milieu.”

Police President Alexander Dierselhuis canceled a business trip because of the dramatic situation. A homicide commission was set up. ( picture )

By Elmar Forster
“The Coming Revolt”

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