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Germany legalises advertising for murder of unborn children

With the abolition of §219a StBG, the SPD and its traffic light coalition legalize the advertising for industrial child murder and all left-wing politicians hail this step as “long overdue.

Abortion as “health care”

The perfidious argumentation was provided by the FDP Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann, who announced the repeal of paragraph 219a. Buschmann declared: “We want to end an untenable legal situation.” The draft is to be voted on within the Federal Government soon. The Ampel parties had agreed in their coalition agreement that “doctors should be able to provide public information about abortions in the future without having to fear prosecution”. In addition, it was agreed in the coalition agreement: “The possibility of free abortions is part of reliable health care.”

In any case, SPD Chancellor Olaf Scholz describes it as “long overdue”. In this way, Germany is paving the way for the cruel mass murder of defenseless and unborn children. Doctors will soon be allowed to publicly advertise abortions. The conservative author and activist Birgit Kelle summed up the perfidy of this project:

John R. Alcorn of Pro-Life USA once said significantly on the subject of abortion:

“After a woman becomes pregnant, she cannot choose whether she wants to become a mother. It already is. All she has left is deciding whether to give birth to her baby dead or alive.”


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