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George Soros’ son is behind Mark Rutte’s anti-Hungarian attacks

There has been a concerted attack on Hungary for weeks over its legislative package to protect children from pedophiles. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte made an unprecedented and outrageous statement when he said that Hungary should be brought to its knees. In the background, the Soros Empire and its associated front organizations are pulling the strings, ” reports .

The Hungarian Parliament passed the anti-pedophile package on June 15th. Under the new law, a searchable register of names of pedophiles will be created, they will be banned from certain jobs, the penalty for pedophile crimes will be stricter, there will be no light sentences and no parole in qualified cases, and the statute of limitations for the most serious pedophile crimes will be increased extended.

The anti-pedophile law was immediately attacked by the entire European gender lobby; Provocative attacks on Hungary and the Hungarians have been launched on numerous channels in recent weeks.

In Germany, before the game between the Hungarian and German national teams, attempts were made to light the Allianz Arena in rainbow colors, rainbow flags were distributed to the fans and the Hungarian anthem was booed while an activist with a rainbow flag walked onto the field. The German police did their best to harass the Hungarian fans and Hungarian consuls were not allowed near the stadium.

The attacks began even before the Pedophile Law was passed, when it became clear that the Hungarian national team would not kneel before the kick-off at European Championship matches like many other teams from Central and Eastern European countries because, on the one hand, politics was not involved in a sporting event and on the other hand Hungary never kept slaves and was never a colonial power, so that the protest is incomprehensible to Hungary.

The recent statement by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, in which he spoke of the need to bring Hungary to its knees, is unprecedented and outrageous. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán responded to Rutte’s words on his social network and emphasized that “the Hungarian people only kneel before God, their country and those they worship”.

But Rutte does not act of her own accord and not alone. In the past few weeks, camouflaged civil organizations funded by pro-immigrant speculator George Soros have been campaigning against Hungary with the willful help of the domestic left. Soros’ pseudo-civil organizations have started to pass the Child Protection Act as a homophobic law, although it does not target homosexuals in the slightest and does not even apply to people over 18, writes .

It is worth noting, however, that Mark Rutte, who is now railing against the anti-pedophile law, is the same politician who previously wanted to legalize pedophilia and zoophilia, meaning he believes it is acceptable to have sexual relations with children and animals.

However, he now seems to have a problem with the fact that the Hungarian government is placing the right and the ability to decide on the sexual upbringing of children in the hands of the parents and protecting the rights of minors.

Mark Rutte has close ties to the Soros Empire. In recent years he has appeared several times with the son of George Soros.

For Alex Soros, the attacks on the anti-pedophile and child protection law and LGBTQ propaganda are as much a personal matter as George Soros’ pro-immigration campaigns.

Soros organizations lead the attacks on the Hungarian Pedophile Law

The smear campaign against Hungary was not started by the Dutch Prime Minister. The attacks are led by Gerald Knaus, one of Soros’ most trusted and longtime characters. Knaus became active again when he attacked UFEA on Twitter because they had forbidden for political reasons to illuminate the Munich arena in rainbow colors during the Germany-Hungary soccer game.

Amnesty International also became one of the organizers of the attacks against the Hungarians. On June 18, for example, she put up signs on the Hungarian-Slovakian border with the trilingual (Hungarian, English, Russian) inscription “LGBTQI Freedom Zone” (in a country where Slovakia, unlike Hungary, does not recognize same-sex civil partnerships ).

Another Soros organization has also come to the fore recently. Israel Butler and Valentin Toth have published an article in the “Training” section of the Civil Liberties Union for Europe website.

In it, they instructed activists and journalists what terms to use in relation to the law. From this point on, left-wing journalists were no longer allowed to call the law by name – namely anti-pedophilia.

The organization’s website is also full of hate speech against the Hungarian anti-pedophile law, with several posts on the subject. Its Hungarian member organization, the Society for Civil Liberties (TASZ), also plays a major role in the propaganda. It is also worth mentioning Human Rights Watch, which launched a veritable international fake news campaign, and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee has been spreading fake news about the anti-pedophile law from the start.

Source: Magyar Nemzet

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