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George Soros continues his power grab in education

American stock market speculator George Soros provided a 500-million-dollar endowment to support US-based Bard College whose president happens to be a member of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) advisory board.

Back in January of last year, George Soros announced that he would invest 1 billion dollars to launch a global Open Society University Network (OSUN). The network is based on CEU and its US partner institution, Bard College, which have recently joined forces with Arizona State University.

The monies slowly appear to be arriving, with Soros recently providing a 500-million-dollar endowment to Bard, a liberal arts college in New York that is committed “to enriching culture, public life, and democratic discourse by training tomorrow’s thought leaders.”

The institution in a statement on Thursday, announced the arrival of the donation, which was described as “transformational” and quickly noted that this amount is “among the largest ever made to higher education in the United States” to date. According to the school, the funding will ensure its pioneering mission in academic excellence and will reinforce its exemplary civic engagement. Bard officials say the school has already raised an additional 250 million dollars “in response to Mr Soros’s generous challenge grant” and expects to “raise another 250 million dollars over the next five years.”

“This is the most historic moment since the college’s founding in 1860,” said Bard College President Leon Botstein. It is clearly no coincidence that George Soros selected Bard College to carry out his plan. Leon Botstein also happens to be a member of the advisory board of the Open Society Foundations. In addition, Botstein is chairman of the board of Soros’s CEU and chancellor of the Open Society University Network, as well.

Mr Soros himself is quoted in the announcement saying that, “Bard has had an outsized impact in setting the standard of liberal arts eduction in prisons.”

Bard College is a repeat beneficiary of Soros generosity.  According to the OSF website, they received 3.1 million dollars in funding in 2019 alone.


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