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Genders go crazy: Salutation “ladies and gentlemen” now allegedly unconstitutional

The fact that the gender mania obviously originates from severely deranged brains is clear to people who can still think straight. Now it is the case that there have always been crazy people, only these poor in spirit were usually housed in madhouses or psychiatric institutions. However, in our decadent society (in which any madness is now possible), these people in their delusion can not only unhindered harass normal thinkers, but also impose all the madness on the general public at the expense of taxpayers (m,f,d). For example, employees (m,f,d) are already being forced by authorities to rape the German language.
The latest example of this pathological development comes from Hanover, the “gender capital” of Germany, as BILD aptly puts it.

HANNOVER: From a 123 (!) Pages of long expert opinions result from the Basic Law the OBLIGATION for state authorities to use its so-called “gender-appropriate language”. The author of the elaborate is Ulrike Lembke, Professor of Public Law and Gender Studies at Humboldt University. The client for the work is the city of Hanover. Three years ago, Lower Saxony’s state capital introduced the “gender language” (for example: “citizens” instead of citizens and “voters” instead of voters) as mandatory for the administration – with great protest. Now the report finally provides a justification for this.

Reason: Lembke sees discrimination in the salutation:

“The obligation to linguistic non-discrimination exists constitutionally and can be concretized by legal regulations or by administrative regulations, decrees and instructions,” writes the saviour for persons who do not know whether they are a male or a female. Or belong to the remaining 52 genders.

According to Lembke, the use of the gender star in the context of a gender-equitable official language is “not a mistake”. Rather, this official language, including the gender star, is the “(overdue) realization of central requirements for constitutionally compliant administrative action”.

It is about the fundamental right to equal rights and the prohibition of gender discrimination, according to BILD and there Lembke explains her report when she says:

“For about 30 years, equal linguistic treatment of women and men has been mandatory in Germany, even if the administration often does not comply with it. Since the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on the so-called ‘Third Option’ in 2017, the prohibition of gender discrimination must be understood in such a way that inter*, trans* and non-binary persons may not be discriminated against in addition to women.”

For some time now, various airlines have also been just as progressive, as they are no longer allowed to use the salutation “ladies and gentlemen” in announcements.


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