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French website lists Catholic symbols alongside Nazi devices

A French “anti-hate” website claiming to catalogue far-right symbols has listed several mainstream Roman Catholic symbols, including crosses and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, alongside well-known Nazi devices.

The French “anti-hate” website Indextreme claims that it is looking to “observe, catalogue and publicize the graphic symbols used by the far right in France.” Not all the symbols displayed have fascist or far-right origins, but they believe they have now been appropriated by far-right groups, the website adds.

However, in addition to the symbols of Nazism and other far-right ideologies, they list several Christian, Roman Catholic symbols.

The project, which was created by graphic designer Geoffrey Dorne and photojournalist Ricardo Parreira and has been promoted by the leftist French website StreetPress, lists many symbols broken up into various categories from phrases to animals, flags, gestures, numbers, and crosses.

In the section on crosses, the Jerusalem Cross, a Christian symbol for the city of Jerusalem and a cross shaped to commemorate the five holy wounds of Jesus, is in the same category as the Nazi swastika.

Another symbol included in the category is the Cross of Burgundy, also known as the St Andrew’s cross, which is a cross made of beams assembled in the shape of an X. Tradition has it that St Andrew was crucified on such a cross, thus it has a long history in the Catholic tradition.


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