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Eric Zemmour: France is dying

There are growing concerns about the French government’s migration policy. National Rally President Marine Le Pen would rescind the refugee status of those committing an offence, while renowned essayist Eric Zemmour is afraid that the rising tide of migrants would cause irreversible changes to the fabric of society. In a recent interview Republicans party chief Bruno Retailleau stressed that the recent surge of violence in the country is a result of the government’s excessive lenience.

Mirgation and the problems associated with it are by no means a novelty in France, but the number of offences committed by immigrants has grown exponentially of late. Several police officers have lost their lives in attacks, with gang violence becoming increasingly frequent.

Politicians and public figures alike have sharply criticised the French government’s related policies, pointing to a close link between crime and immigration.

Right-wing National Rally chief Marine Le Pen believes that security is extremely important for the French population, which she would restore by introducing strict new measures.

Talking about overcrowded prisons at a press conference in Chalon-sur-Saone, in Saone-et-Loire department near the Swiss border, Ms Le Pen said she would alleviate the burden on overcrowded jails by rescinding the refugee status from those who commit offences on French soil, and by returning them to their home countries.


Marine Le Pen cited the example of a young Kosovan woman knifed to death in Moselle department by her partner, an eight-time convict and repeat offender. The man had been ordered to stay in home arrest, but he removed his GPS tether and mounted the knife attack.

Young mom knifed to death on street

A 21-year-old mother was stabbed to death in the street in the French department of Moselle. According to a women’s rights organisation,…

France is dying
Renowned French essayist Eric Zemmour also expressed his fears over migration and its repercussions. He told the popular Face à l’Info programme that France was dying. The country is suffering from such a huge wave of inbound migration that will result in the complete replacement of its population and usher in a transformation process that is unprecedented in the country’s history, he added.

According to Zemmour, the French are extremely pessimistic and reconciled to the idea that it is impossible to do anything against the phenomenon. However, the columnist argued to the contrary, emphasizing that both legal and illegal migration should be halted. Zemmour stressed that the right to asylum was not invented for hundreds of thousands of Syrian migrants, adding that if France insisted on taking in migrants, it should admit Poles and Romanians, like Germany does.


Macron, a president of disarray
Republicans party chief Bruno Retailleau has also sharply criticised the French government’s actions. In an interview with CNews, he described Emmanuel Macron as a president of disarray, insisting that the growing wave of violence witnessed in the country is a result of the government’s excessive lenience. Violence has skyrocketed in President Macron’s France, Retailleau said, adding that 82 to 83 per cent of the French believe that their jurisdiction is not strict enough. He cited the example of a driver, who deliberately rammed his truck into a group of on-duty firefighters in Villefranche-sur-Saone, in Rhone department, but eventually managed to evade prison and did not have to serve time.


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