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“Energy transition”: Destruction of one of Germany’s most valuable forest areas for wind turbines has begun

The felling of the more than 100-year-old beech trees in the Reinhardswald with the famous “Sleeping Beauty Castle” Sababurg in northern Hesse has begun. The forest workers were apparently already ready with their saws when on Wednesday the Kassel Regional Council gave the green light for the first 18 wind power plants on an exposed ridge behind the famous Sababurg, the Sababurg Zoo and the legendary “primeval forest”, reports
Bird shredder instead of breeding colony

For hours you could walk in almost frightening silence through the seemingly endless sea of trees without having to meet a larger settlement or cross a road. The area is so lonely and uncut that recently even a breeding colony of the crane was discovered there, an ornithological sensation, so the so-called online magazine continues.

To build a wind industrial park there, of all places, in the knowledge that wind turbines are responsible for the deaths of countless birds, can really only spring from green brains, which believe that wind turbines in Germany are now saving the whole world from destruction.

Greens want to see more than 100 wind turbine giants in a natural paradise

The 18 now approved wind turbines with a rotor diameter of 150 meters and a hub height of 244 meters are only the beginning of the destruction work, to which the Hessian “Environment” Minister Priska Hinz (Greens) sees no alternative. In the entire area of the Reinhardswald Nature Park, which was only designated in 2017, there would be space for more than 100 of the energy giants, including generous access roads. Such a density of wind power plants would probably exist for the first time in a protected area dedicated to near-natural recreation.

Can “Grimm’s Fairytale Forest” still be saved?

To save the Reinhardswald, which is also known as the “Treasure House of the European Forests” or “Grimm’s Fairytale Forest”, the initiative Pro Märchenland e. V. is committed. On the website of the Action Alliance you will find detailed information including pictures, as well as information on how to support the conservationists.


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