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Does Soros have an influence on the KUL coalition? The Eurosceptic economist Jože P. Damijan is also a fan of the financial speculator!

“Everything you need to know about the “KUL Prime Minister” Jože P. Damijan. Soros’s lackey,” Branko Grims, a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, wrote on Twitter, referring to the fact that Jože P. Damijan recently shared Soros’s statement online. George Soros is a Hungarian-Jewish multibillionaire, a well-known financial speculator, who is famous for his interference in the internal affairs of “too many” sovereign or independent states, in which he touched on the infamous “rule of law,” which he interprets in his own way, but still expects Europe to force Poland and Hungary to see it as he does. 

All indicators point to the fact that the self-proclaimed leader of the Constitutional Arch – KUL Coalition (Koalicija ustavnega loka), Jože P. Damijan, is a big fan or even a lackey of the American-Hungarian-Jewish financial speculator George Soros, who is pressuring the EU to force Hungary and Poland to respect the “rule of law,” as interpreted by him, and the part of European politics that serves him. Soros wrote the following on his profile: “It is not so much about the abstract concept of the ‘rule of law,’ which Viktor Orbán and, to a lesser extent, Jaroslaw Kaczyński oppose, but about a practical restriction on personal and political corruption.”

Soros also attached an inciting article to his post, titled “Europe must stand up to Hungary and Poland.” In it, the financial speculator says that the European Union cannot afford to compromise on the rules relating to the “rule of law,” in the context of allocating European funds to the individual EU Member States. According to him, this is a basic test of the EU. He believes that the EU’s response to this challenge will show whether the EU will survive as an open society, in accordance with the values ​​on which it was founded. According to his findings, Poland and Hungary are the countries that receive the highest amount of funds from the European budget, but these countries are also in strong disagreement with the concept of the rule of law.

He believes that both Poland and Hungary are aware that they are grossly violating the rule of law, but they do not want to bear the consequences. Soros also thinks that, for both Orban and Kaczynski, the rule of law is a practical restriction on personal and political corruption. The veto, so says Soros, represents a desperate game of two serial offenders. He also believes that the two countries do not deserve any money from the European budget for 2020, because their governments are constantly violating the rule of law. In the article, Soros also gives a suggestion on how the EU could avoid a veto by members of the Visegrad Group. At the same time, the financial speculator doubts that the EU can gather enough political will for this under Angela Merkel. He goes on to say that he is committed to the EU as an open society, based on the rule of law.

Surprisingly, Soros could not pass the opportunity to mention Orban and Janša’s friendship in his pamphlet
And because Soros is a Hungarian Jew by birth, he is especially worried about what is happening in Hungary, because, as he says, he was also an active philanthropist there for a period of more than 30 years. Soros accuses Orban of abusing the corona crisis for his own interests, with the aim of amending the Hungarian constitution and changing the electoral system, and then enthroning himself as the lifelong ruler, in accordance with the amended constitution. Soros sees this as a tragedy for Hungarians. In his article, he also cites Orban’s controversial dealings, with which the Hungarian Prime Minister is supposed to benefit at the expense of his fellow citizens, and the financial speculator also simply could not avoid mentioning the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša and his close alliance with Orban. At the same time, he praises the Hungarian opposition, which is working together to establish a joint list of candidates for the 2022 general elections, and at the same time, blames Orban for their possible failure once again. He is also bothered by the Budapest curfew and the army which parades through the streets and doubts whether the local elections in Hungary are really credible. With all this “evil,” he turns to the EU for help, as it is the only one that can help end this “lawlessness.”

Soros’s meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign states which have absolutely nothing to do with him is already an established practice. There has already been talk of his friendship with Tanja Fajon, which the MEP vehemently denies. Some people are pointing out that now, two and a half years before the end of her European mandate, he is supposedly sending his Brussels “princess” to Slovenia, to establish order and discipline. “Fajonism” is on the march. He has already overthrown Slovenian governments in the past, so it would not be a surprise if he decides for another move like that. In the past, we have already reported on the fact that Fajon and Ivo Vajgl were on the official bulletin of the Soros’s Open Society Foundation, as allies of the American financial speculator in the European Parliament.

The hacker group DCLeaks has released additional information confirming this, and the names of other Slovenians, such as Danilo Türk, Samuel Žbogar and Neli Dimc, and even the former Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vesna Pusić, also appeared in the documents. The aforementioned have cooperated with the Open Society Foundation in one way or another and are supposedly the indirect recipients of various financial donations, and the DCLeaks documents even reveal how Soros recruited Slovenian students to study abroad, especially those from the Faculty of Social Sciences, which is closely associated with the Open Society Institute Slovenia. The fact that Soros does not choose his means in achieving his political goals is proved by the shocking data, revealing that the Peace Institute, which has been funded by Soros for more than a decade, organized the Slovenian uprisings in 2013 and helped overthrow Janša’s government.

Domen Mezeg

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