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Chaos And Left-Wing Riots Take Over France

France is in total chaos. Projections for the second round of snap elections have swung in favour of the left, which many believe calls into question the credibility of the elections themselves, but this has not stopped the far-leftists and Islamists from celebrating the election results. French streets have been attacked with explosives, torches and fireworks, causing numerous fires and destruction of property.

“France is lost,” wrote many on the social network X, as images of radical Islamists celebrating the new French election result flooded the network. Burning, vandalism and waving Palestinian flags – this is the new France.

In Marseille, protesters gathered to protest against the National Rally party (RN), chanting, “Everybody hates (Jourdan) Bardella!” When the police tried to disperse them, the left-wing vandals started chanting, “Everybody hates the police,” and the atmosphere became tense, according to reports by the French media Figaro.

Paris has become a battlefield

“Paris has turned into a battlefield tonight as the far-left is celebrating its election win by attacking the police,” the Visegrad24 profile wrote on X, and it has also posted several videos of the chaos that has reigned in Paris. You can watch one of them here:

“The riots in Paris are getting out of control as glass bottles rain down on the police. The far-left is out celebrating their election victory,” they wrote alongside another video, available here:

Commenting on what was happening, well-known author Oli London drew a comparison between 1940 and today, writing: “Nazis line the streets of Paris to celebrate taking over France and raise the Nazi flag. Antisemitic Antifa activists take to the streets of Paris to celebrate the far-left takeover of France and raise the Palestinian flag …” He also posted two videos for comparison:

France is, according to many, the result of what happens when borders are opened, and people are let into the country unchecked. Riots, violence, destruction and hardly any French flags. “France has been conquered,” wrote the profile of the Libs of Tiktok, adding the link to the following post: There is hardly a French flag to be seen in the video, there are only Palestinian ones being flown, proving that France is becoming an Islamic caliphate.

According to Visegrad24, the 73-year-old Mayor of Limoges, Émile Roger Lombertie, was also beaten up in the riots after he told the rioters to put out the fire they had started during the riots to celebrate their electoral victory. Limoges is a city of 135,000 inhabitants. A police officer was also reportedly injured during the riots and had to be hospitalised.

The French left-wing coalition won the most seats in Sunday’s legislative elections but failed to win the majority. According to forecasts after the polls closed in France, the left-wing coalition New Popular Front is in first place and could win between 188 and 199 seats in Parliament. The centrist coalition led by President Emmanuel Macron could win between 164 and 169 seats.

Marine Le Pen‘s right-wing National Rally coalition is in last place in the IFOP poll, with 135-143 seats expected.

The result has left France, a pillar of the European Union and host of the Olympic Games, facing political paralysis. Political turmoil could shake the markets and the French economy – the second largest in the European Union – and have far-reaching consequences for the war in Ukraine, world diplomacy and Europe’s economic stability.

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