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Bullying, harassment, threat – flimsy arguments again the facts about the border storm on Poland

With these accusations, Imad Karim’s video was banned from YouTube. Karim had to react quickly to the deletion, he uploaded it a few days later, to other censorship-free platforms such as GETTR and others.

Karim’s reportage is a haunting film that shows the truth about the “refugees seeking protection” on the Polish-Belarusian border and Poland’s efforts for European civilization and culture. It is a culture war that is increasingly being fought within Europe, between the Visegrad states, above all Poland and Hungary on the one hand, and the EU under the leadership of the Germans and the self-abandonment of their European identity on the other.

Now Imad Karim is not just any right-wing extremist who preaches hatred, but an internationally recognized and multi-award-winning TV journalist, director and author. Nor is he an Islamophobic xenophobe, but the studied political scientist is an expert on Islam from his own experience, as he was born into this religion by chance. As a native Lebanese who came to Germany from Beirut in 1977 at the age of 19 to study, he is well aware of Islam, migration and integration.

The avowed European is a realist who is critical of the unbridled migration of peoples triggered by the German culture of welcome and islamization – especially political Islam.

His latest work, a TV report on the refugee movements via Belarus and through Poland to the promised land “Germoney”, shows in ruthless openness the true “flight” reasons of the migrants, animated by smugglers, encouraged and deceived by NGOs, some of whom try to reach Germany illegally via Poland.

This openness, with which his film shows the background and the economic calculation behind the migration of peoples from the Middle East and Africa to Europe, has now become Karim’s undoing and led to the deletion of his video on YouTube.

In his reportage, bullying or harassment and certainly not as a threat can be recognized for every person who still thinks normally, but a realistic contribution about the situation of the “people seeking protection”.

Every reader can get an idea of this in his haunting VIDEO,which can now be found at GETTR (Link > ).

Imad Karim sees his work as a tribute to Poland, which not only protects its own external borders, but the whole of Europe. Above all, however, Germany from uncontrolled immigration into the welfare state.

In an interview with the author and sociologist Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Schwöbel, he sheds light on this purely economic aspect of migration, who calculates the benefits that a refugee family receives from the German state within a year; and why it is lucrative even for well-off citizens from Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern states to even transfer their house and all their possessions in their homeland to the smugglers if they are smuggled to Germany for this. Thanks to the German welfare state, their efforts would have paid for themselves within a year. With the monthly costs of approx. € 8,000 for a family of four in Germany, it is always worth the assignment of a € 100,000 house to a smuggler. This guarantees them not only the education of the children and free medical care, but also free housing, language courses, training and numerous other social benefits for years to come. As long as the German state can still afford it. At any rate, this is the calculation of the “refugees”, who fail to a large extent at the Polish border and now, after being cheated out of their belongings by the smugglers, travel back to their homeland. For them, the dream of free all-round care and the desired German citizenship, which would have enabled them above all to travel visa-free, is over. At least for the time being, then most people want to try again, then on a different route.

Because German citizenship, which guarantees visa-free travel, is also one of the main reasons to make the risky trip to Europe. Contrary to what is portrayed in the mainstream media, it is by no means the poor and persecuted, but mostly well-off people from the middle class who are seeking the German passport for economic reasons. In order to.B be able to travel the world as a businessman without restrictions – and to be strongly supported by the German taxpayer.

In his documentary, Imad Karim conducted interviews not only with representatives of the Polish authorities, border guards, Polish citizens, migrants, activists and historians, but also with representatives of religious communities, such as the chairman of the Jewish Cultural Association in Poland, Artur Hofman. Unlike the Central Council of Jews in Germany, which pursues a pro-migrant policy in an act of self-denial, welcomes immigration from Islamic countries and locates anti-Semitism only from the right and the AfD, Hofman also sees left-wing anti-Semitism there, which disguises itself as anti-Zionist and critical of Israel, and the general hatred of Jews of the Islamists, which, however, in Poland, unlike in Germany, does not (yet) pose a threat. In the interview, Hofman affirms that Poland has never been racist, xenophobic or anti-immigrant (if only because Poland itself is a people keen on migration) and laments the EU’s attitude towards Poland. The criticism of Poland’s democracy and its border protection is inappropriate.

Tomasz Miskiewicz, the mufti of Muslims in Poland, also takes the same line and emphasizes the national identity of the Poles, to which the Muslim Tartars have belonged for 600 years. They were even at the forefront when it came to stopping the spread of the Ottoman Empire and Islam at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. In Christian Poland, they too were never persecuted and, like all other minorities, were always able to develop freely. A freedom that perhaps also distinguishes them from the fundamentalist Muslims of other characteristics, since women are regarded as equals. They do not have to be veiled under burqas, but wear Western clothes to their own taste. Poland’s Muslims support the state’s border protection measures and see them as a guarantor of security and internal peace, not as xenophobia or Islamophobia. Even the head of Polish Muslims cannot understand Germany’s attitude towards Poland.

Even the Syrian-Polish human rights activist Miriam Shaded, whose foundation has already enabled hundreds of refugees to enter the country, is extremely critical of the Islamic border storm. In the interview, she criticises the fact that these people do not know who they are, where they come from and what their intentions are. As an Islam-critical refugee helper, her organization checks those willing to migrate and helps who really needs to be helped and not people who pose a threat.

Statements that are probably less well received by the German authorities. No wonder, then, that Karim has to contend with massive resistance from the system media and that the public broadcasters not only ignore his work, but also boycott it.

The historian Prof. Dr. David Engels believes that integration into German society is also difficult for migrants because Germans do not want to accept themselves as a people and a nation, but are driven by guilt and self-hatred. They see themselves as historical criminals who reject themselves and elevate everyone else as more valuable. You don’t want to integrate into such a group, which denies itself and its identity. Missing or false values, such as gender ideology, spiritual self-gutting and disintegrated families, are perceived as problematic by immigrants from other cultures. Integrating into a self-destructive society does not seem very attractive to a migrant with national pride.

With such views, of course, one makes no friends in the “official Germany” of masochistic sebstgeisselung. No wonder, then, that Karim is to be silenced and his contributions suppressed.

Ultimately, Imad Karim comes to this sobering conclusion: Germany, as a submissive society, does not invite migrants to integrate, but violent invaders to conquer. Here Poland opposes this. Because anyone who can force the passage to Germany by force will realize that in this society one achieves one’s goals by force and will continue to act accordingly in the future. Parallel societies are thus pre-programmed.

Whether Poland can stand firm in the intra-European culture war against the multiculturalism of the EU remains to be seen in the near future. In any case, Karim’s haunting documentation is intended to encourage them not to resign but to continue to oppose the false values of a crumbling European high culture. To save Europe once again from the Islamization of the continent, as it once did under King Sobieski at Kahlenberg near Vienna.

His films worth seeing, which are not shown by the public broadcasters (for which, especially for the WDR, the journalist himself worked for many years), can be accessed via his website ( ). His professional work is now financed exclusively by donations,after YouTube does not display any advertising on Karim’s “uncomfortable” channel. Now his videos deleted there are online on alternative channels of GETTR (and others accessible through his site).

Karim does not give up, he has just announced this in an identical teaser “I do not giveupon” on Youtube. In the video description, the chronology of the deletion reads like a thriller.

Imad Karim is now taking action against YouTube’s decision to ban his video with the help of a lawyer – for this he is also dependent on donations in order to be able to successfully continue his work as a freelance, independent TV journalist who is not only committed to a Europe that continues to be shaped by Europe, but also against the restriction of freedom of the press and freedom of expression. 


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