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Budapest Pride: counter-demonstration of the Hungarian nationalists

“As promised, we campaigned for normality, with an event of around 200 participants who protested against the propaganda of otherness.”

“All the speakers at our event campaigned for normality and our children. Tamás Kremser, President of our association, Dr. Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, board member and CEO of NJSZ, János Volner, member of parliament, Imre Téglássy, president of the Alfa Association, László Gonda, vice president of KJE, Tímea Szamosi from Polgári Mulato and Ákos Szilágyi from heteropridebudapest A message from András Sinkovits-Vitay was also read out. “

“The national resistance is alive and there are those with whom we can really join forces for a common goal by leaving self-interests aside” – so the short report by Péter Walter Pál, the chairman of European Patriots Unite (EPU).

A 15-minute summary of the demonstration (in Hungarian) can be seen here:‑K5b6QJIH4

Source: EPU (newsletter)

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