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Brutal fights breakout in Paris

Public safety in France is frustrating, people no longer feel safe in the streets. According to statistics published by the Ministry of the Interior in the summer, are Paris, Marseille and Lyon are the three most dangerous cities, as V4NA also reported. The fights and clashes that took place in the streets over the weekend is further proof of the dangerous conditions in the capital.

One incident happened on Saturday, 26 November, when the police were called by neighborhood residents after hearing gunshots near the Porte de Choisy in the 13th district of Paris. The officers rushing to the scene did not find anything out of the ordinary at the location, but after a few minutes they received another call that a fierce fight was taking place at a nearby tram stop. An eyewitness recorded what happened.

Matthieu Valet, a spokesman for the SICP police union, shared the video on Twitter, adding that the violent people in the footage no longer refrain from doing anything, even killing.

Thanks to the video, police managed to identify five people, among them 39-year-old Jean-Brice M. from Senegal was taken into custody. Investigators found traces of blood on the offender’s shoes and jacket. The other attackers are still being sought. The victim suffered such serious injuries that he was unconscious and taken to hospital. Matthieu Valet told the newspaper Le Figaro in conjunction with what happened that the only way to deter the perpetrators of such brutal attacks was to impose a prison sentence on them, even for a short period. He added that in countries where this principle is applied, violence is reduced.

But this was not the only act of violence that happened in the French capital over the weekend, the Le Parisien paper reported that a brutal fight broke out between illegal vendors at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. On Saturday, 26 November, at around 7:00 p.m., two men attacked a third seller of Pakistani origin, who was beaten nearly to death and taken to hospital in critical condition. The attackers fled the scene and have been on the run ever since. The paper knows that shortly before the attack, there was a large-scale police operation at the site, as a result of which two people were arrested and thirty were penalised.


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