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AUF1: the first alternative and independent television station starts in Austria

Stefan Magnet, one of the most successful alternative media makers in German-speaking countries, has started a new and promising project in Austria: the first alternative and, above all, independent television station for German-speaking areas, called AUF1 (Alternative Independent Television, Channel 1) . After the state-subsidized mainstream media landscape in Austria had already been successfully stirred up with alternative online portals such as Wochenblick, Info-Direkt and Uncensored, television – as the largest media market – is now being tackled.

News, analysis and background

AUF1 has a wide range of media on offer right from the start: programs report on the latest news, offer political analyzes, background reports and interviews as well as fact checks and opinions. And satire and fun are not neglected either:

“Alternative Independent Television, Channel 1. With AUF1, the first truly 100% independent and alternative TV station in German-speaking countries starts with a 7-day program and daily news format. Not only the content is new, but also the basic principles of the station. “

In the left-wing television media landscape in Austria, led by a state broadcaster ORF, which is subsidized with millions of euros and controlled by politics, AUF1 should hit a nerve and cover the need for “alternative television”, as the first access figures show. In any case, we wish the project every success and will be happy to support it.

The online TV station AUF1 is financed exclusively by its viewers and does not want to be dependent on any investors or large advertising media. If you want to support the project, you can do so here.

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