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Archbishop Viganò: “The family is certainly at the heart of the globalists’ attack”

According to the Archbishop, in the French Revolution, in the name alleged“human and civil rights”, the crown, i.e. his sovereign rights, was actually snatched away from the “King” Jesus Christ on a social level. Since then, the Masonic elite and the privately owned central banks have ruled the fortunes of the people. The family is at the center of their onslaught to overthrow the natural order of society, the premise of mankind’s long-planned enslavement.

The following transcript of a video interview given by Byoblu TV by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Armando Manocchia has been translated by LifesiteNews [ link]. The video is in Italian and can be viewed in two parts, here and here .

Your Excellency, [here in Italy] we are now in economic and financial bankruptcy where the public debt is now over 2.7 trillion euros. In my opinion, the problem is the moral and ethical bankruptcy not only of the ruling class, but also of a large part of the population. What can we do to restore a social fabric that includes an ethical and moral sense?

Archbishop Viganò: The bankruptcy is the inevitable result of several factors. The first is the transfer of monetary sovereignty from individual nations to a supranational body such as the European Union. The European Central Bank is a private bank that lends money to member states at interest rates, forcing them into perpetual debt. I would like to remind you in passing that the European Central Bank is officially owned by the central banks of the countries that belong to it; thus, since central banks are controlled by private companies, the ECB itself is essentially a private company and acts as such.

The second factor is seigniorage, that is, the income that the central bank derives from issuing money on behalf of the state, which borrows from it not for the material cost of printing banknotes but for their face value: a theft against the Community, because the money belongs to the citizens and not to a private subject made up of private banks.

The third factor lies in the economic and financial policies of the European Union, which imposes interest-bearing loans by granting funds that individual countries have previously paid. Italy, being a net contributor, must therefore reckon with billions on which not only does it not receive interest, but which are returned to it for usury as if they did not belong to it.

The fourth factor is due to the unfortunate tax policies of the last [Italian] governments, carried out on the coercive orders of the Troika, ie the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank, which are the official creditors of the member countries. The extensive tax exemption of large financial and corporate groups and the harassment of small businesses are the basis for the progressive impoverishment of the country and the failure of numerous activities, with the resulting rise in unemployment and the creation of cheap labour. And let’s not forget that it is always the European Union

After all, the subversive action of the United Nations 2030 Agenda – i.e. the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum – has as its stated aim to transfer the wealth of nations and individuals to large investment funds managed by the globalist mafia. This subversive operation must be denounced and prosecuted because it represents a real silent coup against the community.

However, I would like to point out that the economic aspect is only a means to achieve far more worrying goals, such as total control over the world’s population and its enslavement: when citizens are deprived of home ownership; if you at theentrepreneurial freedom are prevented; when endemic unemployment is caused and exacerbated by uncontrolled immigration and health emergencies, lowering labor costs; when the Italians are harassed with exorbitant taxes; when the traditional family is punished by making it virtually impossible for two young people to marry and have children; when education is destroyed from elementary school onwards and a cultural vacuum is created by undermining individuals’ talents; if the history of our homeland is erased and the glorious legacy that made Italy great is denied in the name of integration and the renunciation of our national identity, what can one expect

In order to rebuild the social fabric, one must first be clear about the coup that is being carried out with the complicity of the rulers and the entire political class. Recognizing that we have been deprived of our inalienable rights by an international criminal organization is the first, indispensable step. Once this is understood, especially by the sane side of the institutions and the judiciary, it will be possible to bring to justice the traitors who made this silent coup possible and banish them forever from the political scene. Of course, Italy must regain its sovereignty, above all by leaving the European Union.

What will be the first initiatives that will be taken in the context of this reconstruction, in which the Anti-Globalist Alliance that you have initiated will play a crucial role?

Archbishop Viganò: It will be necessary to carry out a far-sighted and comprehensive project aimed at the intellectual, scientific, cultural, political and even religious formation of the future leaders, giving them the capacity for critical judgment and firm moral references. Schools and foundations must be created that will produce a ruling class of righteous citizens, honest rulers and entrepreneurs who know how to balance the legitimate demands of profit with workers’ rights and consumer protection.

Those who hold public office, like any honest citizen, must realize that they are accountable before God for their actions and must place the common good above personal interest as they sanctify themselves in the role the Lord has assigned them and want to earn paradise. We must educate children and young people in honesty, duty and discipline, in practicing the cardinal virtues as a coherent consequence of theological virtues; to the responsibility of knowing that there is good and there is evil and that our freedom is to move in the realm of good, for that is what God willed for us. You are my friends if you do what I tell you, said our Lord (John 15:14). And so is public affairs, where morality has been replaced by corruption, personal gain, abuse of the law, treason against the citizens, and cowardly enslavement to hostile powers. Let us take an example from the allegory of good government represented by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the halls of the Palazzo Comunale in Siena: we will find again that simplicity of principles that inspired the public authorities in the Italian communes [Comuni] of the fifteenth century and directed.

In Italy, the apolitical culture of the past 50 years has produced a corrupt ruling class, and perhaps that is why we have a totalitarian regime today. Our beloved and wonderful country is experiencing the most negative impact of its history. It no longer seems to be part of Europe or the West. The citizens, the individuals, no longer count. First it is politicians, then governments, and now entire nations, who submit to the dictates of the globalist New World Order agenda. Besides the corruption mentioned above, is there any connection with the fact that historically Italy was the cradle of Christianity and the center of the Catholic Church?

Archbishop Viganò: But that’s obvious! The anger of the globalists hits the Catholic nations above allagainst whom they have raged for centuries to ruthlessly and cruelly wipe out their faith, identity, culture and traditions. It is the Catholic countries – Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland – that have suffered the most from the onslaught of the Masonic elite, which in turn favors the Protestant nations where Freemasonry has reigned supreme for centuries. With the French Revolution, the Capetian monarchy was destroyed; With the First World War, Austria-Hungary, which was also Catholic, and the Orthodox Russian Empire were destroyed. With the Second World War, the Savoy monarchy, which was first an accomplice of the so-called Risorgimento and then its victim, was destroyed. Regime change is not a new invention,

There are countries that will not allow Catholic nations to be prosperous and competitive, independent and at peace, because that would be proof that it is possible to be good Christians, good and just laws, just taxes, family-friendly policies, to have prosperity and peace. There must be no concept of comparison. That is why they want not only the misery of the people, but also their corruption, the ugliness of vices, the cynical egoism of profit, enslavement to the basest passions. A people who are mentally and physically healthy, free, independent and proud of their identity are frightening because they will not easily renounce what they are and will not be subjugated without reacting. A people who honor Christ as their King knows that their rulers see themselves as his representatives and not as despots who obey those who enrich them or give them power.

Wikimedia: William-Adolphe Bouguereau The Virgin With Angels

Let’s not forget that the French Revolution snatched the royal crown from Jesus Christ by destroying the supposed “rights of man and citizen”.against the sovereign rights of God. Rights which, freed from respect for the natural moral law, now include abortion, euthanasia (even of the poor, as is the case in Canada today), “marriage” with people of the same sex, “marriage” with animals, and even “marriage” with inanimate things (you got it right: there are proposals for laws authorizing these things made by the 5 Stelle [Italian political party]), gender theory, LGBTQ ideology and all the worst things a society can do can assert without principles and without faith. The secularism of the state is not a conquest of civilization but a conscious choice in favor of the barbarity of the social body on which the government’s supposed neutrality towards religion is imposed, which is actually a religious choice for a militant and anti-Catholic atheism. And where the manipulation of the masses is not enough to force them into certain “reforms”, EU funds are extorted, which are only granted to those who submit to the EU dictates. Essentially, they first destroy the economy, stripping countries of monetary sovereignty and fiscal and economic agency, and then tie aid to acceptance of a corrupt and selfish model of society that no honest person wants to live in. “Europe is asking us to do this!” – That is, a lobby of technocrats, unelected by anyone and guided by principles,

But if the deep state has moved to eradicate the Catholic religion from the public lives of nations and from the private lives of citizens, we should recognize that the deep church has also contributed to this secularization, and has done so since Vatican II , to the point of endorsing secularism, even though it was promoted by Blessed Pius IX. condemned, and that it has relegated the doctrine of the social kingship of Christ to a symbolic and eschatological dimension. After sixty years of dialogue with the mentality of the world, Jesus Christ is no longer even King of the Catholic Church, while Bergoglio also renounces his vicar’s title, preferring to spend his time playing with the Pachamama in St. Peter’s Basilica.

The artfully staged psychopandemic has produced psychoses, panic, terror, physical and mental suffering that have left indelible marks, severe social unrest that has never occurred in this form in human history. They turned man into a zombie. What message can be conveyed in the face of this forced conformity and formatting of the population?

Archbishop Viganò:You have correctly used the term “formatting” which in some ways is precisely reminiscent of the Great Reset initiated by the psychopandemic and which continues today with the war and energy emergency. We must ask what has caused entire peoples to apostatize, erase their identities without regret, forget their traditions and allow themselves to be modeled on the Anglo-Saxon idea of the melting pot. This question is particularly acute for our beloved Italy, which has been disfigured by decades of ideological subordination to the French left or Soviet communism on the one hand, and American neo-con liberalism on the other. Today we see

Of course, World War II set the stage for the colonization of Italy according to a solid model still used by NATO today: destroying, bombing and leveling actual or perceived dictatorships, replacing them with puppet regimes serving foreign interests. The rediscovery of pride in one’s identity and sovereignty is an essential step towards the redemption of Italy and the rebuilding of all that has been destroyed. For this reason, I think the model of multipolarity is an interesting perspective to fight against the globalist leviathan that threatens us today in all areas of daily life.

The defeat of the deep state by the sane forces within the United States of America will be the premise for peaceful coexistence of nations without one nation claiming superiority and legitimacy to subjugate the others. That’s why Donald Trump was ousted from the United States Presidency by voter fraud and replaced by a person so corrupt he is unable to govern without maneuver – another regime change.

Can it be said that the West is in a crisis because it rejects God and natural law, and above all because it underestimated the value of life and made a great mistake in moral, economic and social terms, leading to the current ethical drift and led to moral decay?

Archbishop Viganò: I don’t think one can speak of a “mistake”; it is rather a fraud, a betrayal committed by those in positions of power guilty of turning Italy into a colony controlled partly by Germany (economically), partly by France ( for culture), partly on the United States (for international politics) and partly on the European Union as a whole (for tax policy and so-called reforms). We are always subordinate to someone, although many times in history our country has proved – in times that were much more difficult and troubled – that it can compete very well with great foreign powers.

The basic problem is that the governments we have had since the Savoy monarchy have been entirely directed by Freemasonry, enacting reforms, declaring wars, drawing borders and making treaties, always and exclusively at the direction of the lodges . Notorious Masonic parliamentarians, Masonic ministers, Masonic university professors, Masonic pioneers, high Masonic officers, Masonic publishers and Masonic bishops have sworn allegiance to the Grand Lodge and betrayed the interests of the Italian people.Today Freemasonry uses its “secular arm”, the Davos Forum, which sets the agenda of the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the European Union, the various “philanthropic” foundations, the political parties and the Bergoglian Church.

However, the fact that this coup is so extensive and branched does not mean that it is any less real; indeed, the current situation is very serious precisely because it affects hundreds of nations that are in fact ruled by a single elite group of criminal conspirators. On the other hand, there is no need to speak of “conspiracy theories”: one only has to listen to what the main architect of the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, said on May 23 in his speech at the Davos Forum: “The future does not happen by itself: It is we [at the World Economic Forum] who will shape the future. We have the means to impose the world we want. And we can do this by acting and collaborating as ‘stakeholders’ in the communities” (here and here ).

The Ukraine crisis is also part of this plan: “With the right narrative, we will use the war to turn you green.” Schwab’s adviser Yuval Noah Harari – who has all the “talents” of the awakened intellectual as an Israeli, homosexual, vegan animal rights activist, anti-Putin and anti-Russia as well as anti-Trump — went so far as to brazenly claim: “In 10 years everyone will have a brain implant and eternal life in the digital world… Google and Microsoft will decide which book we read, and who we get married, where to work and who to vote for…” ( here). Harari is the author of various essays, including Sapiens. Da animali a dei. Breve storia dell’umanità. [Sapiens. From Animals to Gods. A Brief History of Humanity (2011) and by Homo Deus. Breve history of the future. [Homo Deus. A Brief History of the Future] (2015). It is the nonsensical babble of the transhuman who believes he can conquer death and make himself a god.

The deception done to the Italian people consisted in making them believe, from the 19th century, that it was their will to free themselves from the yoke of tyranny of the various Italian states before unification, which was under the aegis of the Piedmontese rulers stood who were obedient to Freemasonry; it was its will to rebel against the authority of the rightful rulers in the name of “liberty,” not realizing that it would be subjected to far worse corrupt individuals; that it was their will in the immediate post-war period to get rid of the Savoy monarchy in order to establish the Italian Republic in its place; that it was her will to join the European Union with the delusion of Eldorado [that it would lead to wealth and prosperity], only to find out what a sham it all was. And who was behind these demands for freedom, democracy, progress? Always and exclusively Freemasonry with its servants who have penetrated everywhere.

Perhaps it is time that Italians began to determine their future for themselves, without having it dictated by traitors, and that the traitors were condemned for what they are – criminal conspirators – and that they were out of politics forever and be barred from any opportunity to interfere in the life of the country. Judges and police should remember that very soon those who supported this dictatorial regime will be considered collaborators and convicted as such. A jolt of dignity and honor would still be credible now.

Why does the West, so rich in history and culture, not consider the ramifications of this attitude of contradicting and denying natural law? How is it possible for the reasonable man to deny it?

Archbishop Viganò: Man is rational, yes. But he is also subject to the passions, to concupiscence, to the temptations of the world. Only in the life of supernatural grace is man helped by God to keep himself in friendship with God and to be able to do good.But what did the vaunted Romantic movement teach us if not that reason must yield to feeling, and that the will cannot control the passions, that “the heart is not commanded,” when in fact the opposite is true? Here too we see how through the manipulation of the relatively banal masses – beginning with Giuseppe Verdi, all operas and novels – the perception of moral duty in the people and the bourgeoisie has been extinguished and replaced by enslavement to irrationality and momentary passion all the damage it caused.

At the origin of the denial of natural law is relativism, which holds all ideas to be acceptable and legitimate and denies the existence of a transcendent principle given to man by the Creator. History, culture and art then become phenomena to be analyzed from a sociological or psychological point of view and are no longer what constitutes a civilization. But beware: Those who deny God as Creator and Savior do so not to enable non-Christians to practice their religion, but to prevent Christians from shaping society according to the principles of social doctrine and the common good. Behind all this are people who hate our Lord.

The question you are asking me, Dr. Manocchia, then, should read: “Why should the servants of Satan stop abhorring everything remotely related to Christ, for they always have done so?” wants to be able to engage in dialogue is either irresponsible or criminal: there are enemies who must be defeated without scruple because they have embraced evil.

The West’s guilt lies in believing the lies of the revolution – which was also a great reset – and allowing itself to be drawn into a whirlpool of rebellion and apostasy, of violence and death. But isn’t that ultimately what happened to Adam and Eve when they let the serpent seduce them? Even then Satan’s promise was patently false and mendacious, but Adam and Eve succumbed to the words of the deceiver – you will be like gods! – and they discovered that they had been deceived.

What did we Westerners think we were achieving by beheading kings, nobles, and prelates? What did we think we could improve with characters like Fouchet, Danton, Robespierre, and the whole bunch of corrupt assassins who were supposed to take the place of the guillotined? Did any of us really believe that allowing divorce was progress? Or that giving the mother the right to kill the child she carries in her womb was a conquest of freedom? Or that poisoning old people in their sleep or the sick and poor is a sign of civilization? Is there anyone who honestly believes that displaying the most heinous vices is a fundamental right, or that man can change his sex, by grotesquely altering what nature has already decreed? Those who accept these atrocities do so only because these atrocities are imposed as a model of “civilization” and “progress,” and those who accept them want to follow the crowd without being noticed.

The problem is that man today is a son of the revolution, unconsciously indoctrinated in “political correctness”, relativism, the idea that there is no such thing as objective truth and that all ideas are equally acceptable. This disease of thinking is the first cause of the opponents’ success, because many people conspire to accept their principles without understanding that it is precisely these ideas that have made it possible for our society to [so destructively] to change.

Enslavement to the European Union – and its hellish ideology – was just one of the final moves that dealt the coup de grace to Italy. That is why I shudder when I hear the praise of the Revolution, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Enlightenment, the Risorgimento and the Expedition of the Thousand [a legendary patriotic moment in the history of Italian reunification in 1860]: globalism is the metastasis of all modern errors , which only the Church – from the beginning – knew how to proactively condemn. Indeed, if globalism has accelerated, it is thanks to the very fact that theHierarchy has transformed from a sworn enemy of the Masonic conspiracy to its ardent ally since Vatican II.

The West is in a constant and inexorable demographic decline, with all the consequences that entails. The current “Vulgate” claims that this is a worrying phenomenon for mankind because it will lead to more poverty. Could Demographic Decline Be the Main Cause of Economic Decline? This phenomenon does not seem to worry the governments of Western countries. Why do you think that is?

Archbishop Viganò: We know from the explicit acknowledgment of the globalists that their main goal is to drastically reduce the world’s population. Italian minister for the ecological transition Roberto Cingolani – who happens to hail from the company Leonardo [aerospace, defense and security] – claims that the planet is “designed” for no more than three billion people. He should graciously explain to us how he intends to close the gap and, most importantly, who – together with his government, whoEuropean Union, the UN, the WHO and the entire globalist mafia – ever authorized to decide motu proprio to proceed in this direction with abortion, euthanasia, pandemics, experimental serums, wars, famine and mass homosexuality. Who made them “Riders of the Apocalypse”? Who approved their project by popular vote, assuming that such a project could ever be proposed to a nation’s citizens for approval?

It does not surprise me, therefore, that Western leaders do not care about the declining birth rate, data for which for our country is largely offset by the presence of many non-EU citizens, much more fertile than Italians. The population decline is the result of the conditions created for that very purpose, just as the lockdowns served to wreck the economy already devastated by multinational competition and unfair taxation. In short, we are governed by members of a global lobby of criminal conspirators who tell us directly that their plan is to eliminate us, and all the time we’re sitting here wondering why we have to wear masks on buses and not in restaurants.

Are those who do not accept nihilistic and neo-Malthusian theories, perhaps because they are faithful to the principles of Christianity, at risk of being removed from positions of power?

Archbishop Viganò: It is obvious: those who do not support the psychopandemic narrative, gender theory, LGBTQ ideology, the collectivist liberalism of the WEF, the New World Order and the great world religion will be excluded, delegitimized and labeled as crazy or criminals. Any dissenting voice is uncomfortable when power rests on psychological violence and mass manipulation. This is what happens to the doctor who does not accept the Speranza protocols, the teacher who does not discriminate against the unvaccinated, the journalist who reports the truth about Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the pastor who refuses to be vaccinated, and the cardinal who refuses to enslave of the Vatican denounced by the Chinese dictatorship.

Talking about life and natural law also means talking about the backbone of society, the family. Apart from the drop in the birth rate, what are the consequences of the economic crisis for the family?

Archbishop Viganò: The family is certainly at the center of the globalist attack . Family means tradition, identity, faith, mutual help and support, and the transmission of principles and values. Family means father and mother, each with their own specific role, irreplaceable and not interchangeable, both in the mutual relationship between the spouses and in the upbringing of the children, as well as towards the community. Family means religion lived, religion transmitted through small gestures, good habits, the formation of conscience and moral sense.

It is easy to understand that an attack on the family inevitably leads to the dissolution of the social body, which by its very nature is unable to replace the role of the family. And so it comes to the following measures: divorce, abortion, same-sex “marriage”, adoption of children by single people or irregular couples, withdrawal of parental authority for ideological reasons, exclusion of grandparents and relatives from domestic life, working conditions for mothers who not allowing them to do family chores, punishment of women who are married or have children when they try to get a job, indoctrination of children as early as elementary school.In this area too, courageous and resolute action is needed to defend the natural family and protect the rights of parents in the upbringing of their children, which are not the property of the state.


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