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After criticism of the term “Islamophobia”: police protection and suspension for university professors

In France, the influence of Islam is spreading more and more aggressively. Not only are Christian institutions and processions regularly attacked and must be placed under police protection, but also professors at schools and universities and generally all critics of Islam must now fear for their lives in the Grande Nation.
Criticism of Islamophobia becomes a disaster

About the prehistory: the german-French professor Klaus Kinzler previously taught German language and culture at the University of Grenoble. However, the academic’s criticism of the term (!) Islamophobia, a “characteristic of racism” against members of Islam established by left-liberals and Islamists, became a disaster for the academic.

Last winter, a week of action entitled “Racism, Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia” was to take place at Kinzler’s University. Kinzler did not want to include the term “Islamophobia”. His reasoning: The term should not be placed on the same level as anti-Semitism and racism. Reason enough for fellow scientists to make the dispute public. Subsequently, mainly left-wing student groups positioned themselves against Kinzler and a colleague. And this with an unimagined brutality, as it soon turned out.

Cancel Culture works: police protection and suspension

The artificial outrage and mass hysteria among left-wing and Islamic students was enough to obtain a suspension of the professor for a temporary four months. The official justification was “racist tendencies” at Kinzler, because of his criticism of the concept of Islamophobia. But that’s not all: Kinzler now even had to move because he was massively threatened by radical Muslims on social networks. He now lives under police protection in an unknown place because he must continue to fear for his safety.

Just last year, French teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded in the street by a Chechen Islamist (and former student) (!) on suspicion of Islamophobia.

The only downer: unlike most (figs?) Colleagues, the French Ministry of Education backed the professor and initiated disciplinary proceedings against the students.


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