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On Christmas Day: Radical left-wing, globalist smears on Warsaw’s most important church

Warsaw | On Christmas Day, one of Poland’s most important churches, the Catholic Basilica of the Holy Cross in Warsaw, was defaced by suspected left-wing radicals. It is not the first attack on one of the most significant landmarks of the proud Christian nation, which is a thorn in the side of the globalist plans of a secularized and proto-communist world.

In large letters, among other things, “This will be a techno space” and “Secular state” were sprayed on the walls:

Already last year, radical feminists tried to storm into the church during their protest for more abortion rights, but this could be prevented by courageous believers. In general, property damage to churches and other Christian institutions is increasing in Poland.

Police protection for churches in France

In France, hundreds of churches across the country had to be protected and monitored by police during the holidays for fear of Islamic attacks. Most recently, a Marian procession in a Paris suburb was brutally attacked by radical Muslims – we reported.


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