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Threats To Block The KUD Kdo Website And Close Down The Association

The website of KUD Kdo (Arts and Culture Association Kdo) – the president of the association is Andrej Lokar, a journalist and philosopher – has recently become a prominent space for critical thought, which means it now represents a problem for the old red nomenclature. This was also proven by the long-standing director of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU), Oto Luthar.

Andrej Lokar also informed our editorial office that because of an article entitled Science on the political anvil, which appeared in the online journal KDO?, he has recently received a threat from the President of ZRC SAZU that he will try to block the activities of the association. “I have sent an invitation to his official e-mail address to a round table, which we will organise (preferably in the ZRC Atrium) on the topic of anomalies and political colouring of ZRC SAZU publications. Naturally, we invited Dr Luthar to the round table and also invited him to reply to our online journal, which is completely free, if he feels that the organisation he chairs has been defamed or harmed in any way or if he feels that his name has been defamed or harmed. Dr Luthar responded by threatening to close us down,” Lokar said in the message.

In short, these are pure communist manners – threatening to censor and shut down anyone who thinks differently. Just like in the good old days when the communist authorities used to close down magazines like Beseda, Revija 57, Perspektive – and even Revija 2000 was temporarily closed down.

Gašper Blažič

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