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This Is Janković’s “Multi-Cultural” Ljubljana: A Balkan Man Threatened And Smashed Up A Fast Food Restaurant!

An incident recently took place in a fast food restaurant in the centre of Ljubljana, where a crazy Balkan man threatened and destroyed the said restaurant, which led to a fight. Many people in Ljubljana are noticing an increase in crime and less and less cultured behaviour among the new residents of the city. Namely, there is less and less Slovenian being heard in the capital ever since Mayor Zoran Janković took over the city.

What is happening to Slovenia’s capital? Many citizens of Ljubljana have noticed a cultural lag that started after the city administration had been taken over by the current Mayor, Zoran Janković. It has become difficult to find people who speak Slovenian around the city, and instead, the languages of the countries of the former Yugoslavia are often heard. We can also find many restaurants serving Balkan cuisine, which have been given the best spots in the city, thanks to their friendly links with Mayor Janković.

And just how low the culture in Ljubljana has fallen is also clear on the weekends – especially in the late evening and early morning hours, when young and old people alike relax.

A dishevelled Balkan man threatened and smashed up a fast-food restaurant
A few days ago, a Twitter user by the nickname “Mati Tereza” posted a video of a young man wreaking havoc in a fast-food restaurant Nobel Burek near Nama in the middle of the night while threatening the employees of the restaurant in Serbo-Croatian and then breaking a glass barrier. The dishevelled Balkan man was then stopped by a boy called Žan, and the fight continued in front of the restaurant. We are still investigating whether the police were informed of the incident.

Sara Kovač


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