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The Residents Of Vič Are Living In Fear – Migrants Stole From Every House On The Street At Night

“A man from the asylum centre came in and took the phone, the watch, and a few other things. I jumped off the bed and caught him, grabbed him by his hair on the stairs and pulled him back. I took the phone from his hands, but he had obviously taken the watch already, and then he fell down the stairs and off he went. This is insane.” This is how a resident of the Vič district of Ljubljana, where the asylum centre is located, described his recent close encounter with migrants.

The record number of illegal migrants admitted into our country is resulting in a rise in crime, especially in the area where the asylum centre is located. The residents of Vič have long been warning of an unbearable security situation, with residents no longer daring to leave their homes at night, and an increase in the number of crimes for which the police are hiding the origin of the offenders.

To make matters even worse, the government is building an additional wing or extension to the asylum centre. The expansion is dictated by the growing need to accommodate illegal migrants. Which means more of your money for more of the problems that illegal migrants bring.

Two unpleasant experiences with illegal migrants

The story of one of the residents of Vič, who shared it all on his Facebook profile, tells us what the residents of Vič have to deal with on an almost daily basis. According to him, two days ago, he received a night visit from an asylum seeker. Around 2 a.m., a migrant broke into his apartment because of the poorly maintained door and took his phone, watch and a few other things. Luckily, the man who posted this online is a light sleeper, so the theft woke him from his slumber, whereupon he chased after the criminal and caught him by the hair on the stairs. He managed to get his phone back but was unable to get his watch out of the hands of the crook.

But that’s not all. One day later, their entire street was targeted by asylum seekers. “They tried to break into every building on the street, into all the houses at the same time… So, this was clearly organised. And we even caught them on camera.” The resident of Vič added that these are not hungry and poor people, as they get money and three meals daily from our country. “And they get a bunch of other stuff as well – and they get it all for free,” he added.

The police have confirmed that on Wednesday afternoon, they were informed of a theft that took place in the Vič area during the night. It was found that a previously unknown perpetrator had entered the building where the victim was sleeping, and stole a watch and a mobile phone. He was caught by the victim, who caught up with him outside the building and managed to recover the mobile phone and the watch. Police officers are still collecting information on the attempt to commit the offence of theft and will inform the competent public prosecutor’s office of the circumstances.

This week, four burglaries and one attempted burglary were dealt with in the area of the Ljubljana Vič Police Station, which, as is the case on a daily basis, were reported in the Ljubljana Police Station’s overview of events. These burglaries are not related among themselves in terms of time and place and none of these burglaries were committed on the same street or in the vicinity of the street where the aforementioned theft took place.

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