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The Nova24TV And Demokracija Teams Are Helping Out In Mozirje

Every form of help counts, and a promise should always be kept. The Director of the media company Nova24TV has promised to help people in need, and on Wednesday, the Nova24TV team was already in Mozirje, where, together with a team from the Demokracija (Democracy) magazine, they were helping to remove the consequences of the floods. Unlike the left-wing NGO the 8th of March Institute (Inštitut 8. marec) and their phantom campaigns, which nobody saw, we also took pictures and hopefully encouraged some other people to help.

“People are helping us and making it possible for us to continue to operate normally. It is only right that we help the people in need, too,” pledged the Director of the media company Nova24TV, Boris Tomasič, who announced that all employees of the Nova24TV and Demokracija media outlets would give up part of their salary to help people in the areas that were affected by floods. On Wednesday, our teams were in Mozirje, where our boys and girls have got down to work.

“Part of our editorial team is on the ground in Mozirje, where together with our colleagues from Nova24TV, we are dealing with the aftermath of the floods. A small step for a man, a big step for a community, to paraphrase Neil Armstrong”, wrote the Demokracija editorial team on Twitter, where they shared some photos from the affected area.

Unlike the 8th of March Institute, which is very active on social media and posts all the time, we do not have any posts of our own. This time, when the enthusiastic quasi-heroines could encourage even more people to volunteer, they are only posting notes and talking about volunteering, but so far, there have been no signs of Nika Kovač with a shovel anywhere, and no one knows why.

It is only right that solidarity is spread and encouraged, so we will publish some of our photos after all. “They say that you only realise who your true friends are in times of hardships,” and if anything is true, it is that we stick with people.

The severe weather and storms that hit Slovenia the past weekend affected a huge number of people, many have lost their homes, and some even lost their lives. The material damage is enormous and will run into billions. As the Nova24TV project has also grown on solidarity, and the solidarity of our loyal readers and viewers has enabled us to survive and function in the face of the unfavourable conditions we are facing in the term of the Golob government, we will also help as best we can.

The Director of Nova24TV has already announced that all employees will waive their daily pay and donate the proceeds to Karitas instead. The employees will also volunteer to go into the field after work, where they are needed to help with the rehabilitation of the affected areas.

Tanja Brkić

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