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The Municipality Of Logatec Will Pay For Cosmetology Students To Massage Migrants

The students at the School for Cosmetics in Ljubljana recently received an email with an unusual request. A group of students from the master’s degree programme in Social Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana is running a project focusing on asylum-seeking women staying in the Logatec Asylum Home. And asylum seekers need a massage to relax.

A group of students of social pedagogy would, as they said in an email obtained by our editorial office, facilitate an afternoon “pampering,” which would take place on Sunday, the 10th of December. They wrote: “On Sunday, the 10th of December 2023, volunteers would offer these women various services, for example, hand massages, nail services, make-up, other simple cosmetic services as previously agreed upon, during the afternoon hours (maximum 3 hours, can be less) in Logatec.”

The massages, pedicures and haircuts for the asylum seekers have already been supported by various sponsors – namely, Leone, Fructal, Zlata ptička, Superskin, Pharmagea, Cool Mamacita and VBO, while the Municipality of Logatec and the Faculty of Pedagogy will also contribute to the project financially. And now, students from the School of Cosmetics and Photography have been asked to volunteer to massage asylum seekers. “We are looking for a few volunteers who would be willing to help us. We can imagine that this will be a really unique experience of intercultural exchange, which will be very valuable both for the students, as well as for the asylum seekers. Do you think this is something your students might be interested in? We would be very happy if we could spread the word about our project among them. If you think it would be appropriate, we could also come to you in person and present the event to them,” concluded the group of social pedagogy students.

A reminder. We recently reported that migrants in the asylum centre in Logatec were disturbing the citizens, who demanded action from the municipality. And now the municipality is going to pay for the migrants to receive massages. In addition, on Saturday, the 27th of May, in the afternoon, a 17-year-old migrant raped a 78-year-old woman while taking a day trip – and he was from the Logatec Asylum Centre.

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