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The Media Are Dealing With The “Politicisation” Of The Italian RAI While An Inquisition Is Taking Place on RTV!

“This from the current government, which has prematurely replaced practically everyone at Radio-Television Slovenia and then went and appointed its own people. It has even thrown journalists and editors on the street to recruit its own party cadres from the Mladina magazine. Štefančič, for example. The previous one was ineffective,” former editor of the SIOL media outlet, Peter Jančič, said in his response to recent reports in the media, which prefer to deal with the Italian national media outlet RAI instead of the staff purge at Slovenia’s own national media outlet, Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS).  

When the right-wing intervenes in the public media, it is “politicisation,” when the left-wing does it, it is “depoliticisation”. Left governments are therefore apolitical, which is nonsense in itself. And any right-wing government is, of course, “undemocratic,” while the left-wing government is “democratic,” especially because it has non-governmental organisations under its thumb and the government faithfully follows their dictates. In fact, NGOs are the only true representatives of the people, they are even above the government. They are a kind of super-power …

They are loud, they don’t bend over backwards, they don’t wear ties, and their parliament is the street. They are just not elected by anybody … They are always talking, lecturing, tabling bills and scaring people with their ideas of phantom fascists. And the same logic is then greedily followed by the mainstream and state-owned media. However, these same media outlets are highly devoted to reporting on the “politicisation” of the Italian public broadcaster RAI by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

They also never fail to mention that RAI journalists are on strike against “censorship” and “politicisation,” as the local authorities are trying to turn public television into a mouthpiece. This is information that fits neatly into the narrative that a vocal handful of RTV journalists (along with other government-supportive media, such as the left-wing magazine Mladina) pushed hard during the last government of Janez Janša – and even carried to Brussels.

Panorama’s cheated staff do not “yap” like the agitator Milinković

Average viewers, readers and listeners cannot distinguish when someone is really being wronged and when it is just a first-class struggle of a privileged clique (those who there are “fucking more” of). Not everyone is so used to shouting about their problems like Helena Milinković or Marcel Štefančič when they are really being wronged. One important example that comes to mind are the disgraced colleagues of the abolished television show Panorama.

Rajko Gerič, former editor-in-chief of the news programme on the Television Slovenia 2 channel, described to our media how rudely the current management (headed by RTV’s President of the Management Board Zvezdan Martić) treated the six journalists of the abolished programme. First, they were handed humiliating resignations, and then offered to sign new contracts, which would have reduced their salaries by ten salary grades.

“Depoliticisation” is like a Workers’ Day party fairy tale

The renowned former RTV war correspondent Valentin Areh has been demoted to the 40th salary grade, which is equal to that of a beginner journalist. But brutal staffing is not a problem in this case, because it is quietly supported by “our” authorities, as in the case of the crypto-/lacquered leftist – Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. He, too, is nobly “liberating” the public media.

In Poland, we are seeing hair-raisingly similar rhetoric. Quite in the style of the current “fairy-tale” season, or as university professor Boštjan M. Turk explains: “The Wokers’ Day holidays and the days leading up to them, starting with the 27th of April, are a time when fairy tales or fantasy sagas come to life in Slovenia. And the same thing happened this year, too…” Namely, the 27th of April is a fake holiday, which we have already written about – you can read more on that here:

Domen Mezeg

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