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The Left Will Take Even More Money From The Taxpayers

While advanced countries reward work and the business sector, Slovenia, under the current government, rewards non-work while destroying economic activity through high taxation. The Left party’s recent proposal would cost the taxpayers even more money.

The lower unemployment benefits should also work as a sort of motivation for people to get employed. But this, of course, does not work if the unemployment benefits for time spent not working are equal to the salary that someone has to earn. But it is not surprising that the Left party (Levica) encourages non-work, because it wants people to become dependent on the state.

According to Radio Slovenia, the new law, which, among other things, regulates the amount of unemployment benefits, is expected to increase the amount of unemployment benefits. If the bill is approved by the National Assembly, this year’s unemployment benefit would amount to a minimum of 750 euros and a maximum of 1,250 euros gross.

What cannot be overlooked in the government’s efforts to pass the law in question is the desire to maintain socialism by design, to nurture an electorate that does not think about how it is going to create something concrete through productivity, ambition and creativity, or how it will receive state aid primarily for a good entrepreneurial idea (or when in real need) that a person is not (yet) able to put into practice due to a lack of resources…. However, the current proposal for the new law is about punishing diligence and rewarding those who have realised that productivity does not pay with “candy”.

This is about creating a society of half-satisfied people who can only survive thanks to charity; who do not live off the efforts of their own hands, and who are not satisfied with their own achievements and positive contributions to society. They are, however, forcibly satisfied with the situation because their stomachs are full. It is about encouraging freeloading. And it is only in such a society that the ideas of a destructive, extreme ideology can flourish.

Under current legislation, the minimum amount of unemployment benefits payable cannot be less than 530 euros and not more than 892 euros gross. However, according to unofficial information from Radio Slovenia, the new law would stipulate that the cash benefit for the period of unemployment cannot be lower than 60 percent of the minimum wage and not higher than the minimum wage.

This means that this year the minimum benefit could be 750 euros, and the maximum 1,250 euros gross. The amounts would thus be 220 and 360 euros higher, respectively. The allowance would be adjusted to the minimum wage on the 1st of February of each year, Radio Slovenia also reported. The amounts of the allowances have not changed for almost a decade.

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