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The Issue Of Euthanasia: Slovenian Leftists, Associated With The Government, Are Imitating Hitler

The coalition is passionately fighting for the cult of death, led by Jaša Jenull and Dušan Keber. And we cannot help but wonder why. For the good of the health coffers? Or are there even darker reasons behind it?!

“While the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia clearly states that human life is inviolable, and the medical profession agrees, Slovenian leftists associated with the Government of the Republic of Slovenia are imitating Adolf Hitler. Just listen to the debates of the members of the Freedom Movement (Gibanje Svoboda) coalition,” wrote Janez Janša on the social network X, formerly Twitter, in response to a tweet by Branko Cestnik, who shared Hitler’s euthanasia order.

“Hitler’s order to start carrying out “mercy killings” (Gnadentod) of the terminally ill. Hitler demands that the pool of doctors who will carry out euthanasia “at the human discretion” (nach menschlichem Ermessen) of the patients’ condition, be expanded “by name” (namentlich),” Cestnik wrote, publishing a photo of the said document.

How shockingly similar this is to the rhetoric of the modern left-wing euthanasia promoters. Namely, Spomenka Hribar made the bizarre statement at the meeting of the Committee on Health, when discussing euthanasia, that “We even give the dog the mercy shot.”
MP Jelka Godec later responded to Hribar’s statement, posting on the social media X that “The dehumanisation of the suffering is the main motive of every cult of death that wants to interfere with the sanctity of life or (in the case of Slovenia) with the Constitutional protection of life. For cultures of death, the phrase: ‘We even give the dog the mercy shot,’ can be a valid argument for legalising euthanasia.”

Meanwhile, MP Zvone Černač stressed that the task of society and politics in such a situation should be to regulate the promotion of faith in life and love of life, and solving the issues that would subsequently allow people to receive appropriate care when they need help from others. He added that “when we start to prioritise life over death, then and only then can we talk about such topics.”

Meanwhile, euthanasia has already been ripped to shreds by the profession at a meeting discussing a referendum that would, through stealthy manoeuvres and detours, indirectly legalise euthanasia.

Experts have also warned that hospitals, under pressure from ideological groups and the demands of the courts, could turn into places where patients’ lives are at risk not because of illness or injury, but because of the decision of a state that claims the right to determine the quality of life and to decide on the death of its citizens.

Eerily similar words

As already said, Nazism removed the sick and “redundant” people from hospitals in this exact way. On the 1st of September 1939, Adolf Hitler signed a decree on the secret T4 programme to exterminate the seriously ill and disabled, saying: “It is a matter of ensuring the merciful death of patients who, according to human criteria and after careful examination, are no longer curable.”
Sound familiar?

Mitja Iršič

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