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The Floods Have Undoubtedly Confirmed That Janković’s C0 Canal Is A Ticking Time Bomb

Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković and his fellow experts keep saying that the connecting sewer canal C0, which crosses a water catchment area, is completely safe from natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms or floods. What is more, the city authorities have claimed that the C0 Canal is not in a flood zone. The recent catastrophic floods in Slovenia have shown that this is not actually the case.

Many individuals have posted photos of the water-logged canal route on social media, as well as the damage that the floods have caused to it. “The C0 canal in Tomačevo is now safely flooded on all sides. When it is full, the effect will be even better,” Uroš Raztresen cynically wrote on social media, posting photos of the said canal.

If the “Janković shit pipeline,” as internet users often call the C0 sewage pipe, were already in operation, the groundwater that provides drinking water to Ljubljana’s citizens could be severely polluted now.

“’The C0 Canal will never be more than 40 percent full – not even during heavy rains.’ On the 4th of August 2023, this part of the C0 canal’s route alone was almost two metres under water. Therefore, the claims of the ‘profession’ were a lie. The construction companies involved in the project are starting to declare bankruptcy. Who will be held responsible for this?” Raztresen added in his next tweet.

Despite claims to the contrary, the canal will leak. Tomaž Ogrin, who holds a Master’s Degree in chemistry, warned on Nova24TV that due to the geological structure of the soil and the fact that the canal was partially filled with agricultural soil, which is softer, the pipes will move, which will cause cracks at the joints (e.g. in the event of severe flooding). This is exactly what has now happened, judging by the posts on social media – cracks have appeared at the joints.

“The joint through which the muddy sludge passes – when it gets into the pipe, the pressure drops and forms lumps like the secretions of a worm. All 350 clusters are in the most critical area. But the pipes are in a place where there are no concrete duct channels even up to 10 centimetres below the surface area, because they have been backfilled to the full 7 metres in depth,” architect Andrej Čufer explained the possible faecal contamination on Twitter.

Therefore, the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) MP Anja Bah Žibert has called on the government to immediately halt the construction of the dangerous C0 canal. “By not stopping the construction, you are practically inviting a new catastrophe to happen,” she wrote on social media.


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