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Stunning! Look who the leftists are supposedly preparing as the President of the Republic

The battle for the presidency will start next year, but the left wing political community is already training a name that is supposed to sweep with the competition. Do they already have a name for the President of the Republic?

It has long been speculated who the leftists intend to put in the forefront to dare to step into the shoes of the President of the Republic. Borut Pahor is saying goodbye after 10 years of running the country, as he can only be president for two terms. In all honesty, Borut Pahor was a good choice for the President.

But the fight for 2022 begins, when, in addition to parliamentary and local elections, we will also have presidential elections. According to Požareport, sources close to the Čeferin family say that intensive, albeit “completely invisible” work is being done to get the well-known lawyer Peter Čeferin to run for President next year. Although he is already 83 years old.

They say that he is preparing physically and mentally for the election campaign, presents himself publicly as a lawyer and writer, gives political interviews against Janez Janša (which is a new hobby of leftists), and his law firm defends “opponents” of the current government for free. He is also taking on “important” public functions (for example: membership in the board of the Galet’s whistleblower protection center). Thus, he quietly and continuously receives as much media attention as he needs, from Petrič’s newspaper Delo to the public RTV Slovenia, with which the Čeferin law firm has also concluded a special business contract.

Well, that is how the leftists are supposed to set up the campaign, because their son Alexander prefers to stay with UEFA for the time being. Ljudmila Novak thus won a lot of competition. So who would vote for her?


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