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Somali Man Who Raped A Young Woman From Ljubljana To Receive Treatment Instead Of Deportation

The Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Act are apparently no longer in force in Slovenia. Especially when it comes to migrants. A Somali man charged with rape, robbery, causing minor bodily harm and damaging foreign property will not go to prison. The prosecution is not proposing a prison sentence for him, but a precautionary measure of compulsory psychiatric treatment. They claim that he committed the offences in a mentally unfit state and, as such, is not criminally responsible for his conduct.

Last May, we reported on a rape that happened in broad daylight on the famous Metelkova Street in the centre of Ljubljana. We learned unofficially that two migrants followed a young girl on Metelkova into a toilet, broke in and raped her. After enquiries with the police, the information was confirmed. “On the 13th of May 2023, we dealt with two suspected sexual offences committed in the area of the centre of Ljubljana,” they wrote.

A 23-year-old Somali national and a 45-year-old Nigerian national were tracked down and brought to the investigating judge with a criminal complaint, who ordered their detention. The trial against them is now taking place at the Ljubljana District Court.

Three years and ten months for rape and drug trafficking

According to the inquires of the newspaper Dnevnik, the criminal proceedings against the Nigerian national have already been completed. He pleaded guilty and was convicted by a court in mid-December. He was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for rape and one year for the offence of unlawful production and trafficking of narcotics. The court finally gave him a single sentence of three years and ten months in prison and extended his detention until the judgement becomes final. Unfortunately, there was no mention of deportation and no prohibition on returning to Slovenia after serving the sentence.

No punishment, only a precautionary measure

The trial of the Somali man is still ongoing, but he will probably not have to go to prison at all. As the court explained to the newspaper Dnevnik, in addition to rape, the Somali is also accused of robbery, causing minor bodily harm, and damaging foreign property, but the prosecution is not asking for imprisonment, but only a precautionary measure of compulsory psychiatric treatment and care in a medical institution. They said that he was of unsound mind and that the safety of the people could not be ensured otherwise, and assessed that the Somali national had committed all four offences in a mentally unfit state and, as such, was not criminally responsible for his conduct.

Rape is on the rise in Slovenia

The number of rapes committed by migrants or third-world nationals has increased by more than 50 percent in the last year. The Slovenian public is witnessing an increase in the reporting of sexual assaults, even though the police seem to prefer to cover up such acts. And instead of reporting on it loudly, the mainstream media avoid the subject or try to downplay rape, which is unacceptable. And last but not least, even the courts do not impose harsh punishments that would help protect Slovenian citizens.

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