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Slovenian democratic youth strikes back at the Social Democrats: All this is completely normal for them

“Normal week of Social Democrats: They work in a stolen Jewish villa, defend communist crimes, protest and endanger the health of others despite the epidemic, slander Slovenia abroad, support the violation of the contract by the STA director,” they wrote about the modus operandi of the SD party in the youth of the Slovene Democratic Party, the party that is most annoying to Social Democrats, as its president is Prime Minister Janez Janša.

From week to week, we can observe how the SD party publishes records of what a normal day of the government of Janez Janša looks like. With their records, they are trying to create an impression that the situation in the country is unbearable at the expense of the “lack of democracy”, which is supposedly occurring at the expense of slandering the country abroad and the way this government rules. So according to them, it is high time to call elections to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. Apparently, the Slovene Democratic Youth (SDM) gave them the taste of their own medicine.

The SDM told the SD the plain truth with their record. The saga around the SD party headquarters has been creating agitation for a long time. Recently, the European Jewish Community called on the party to return the villa to its original owners, but the party’s president and MEP Tanja Fajon began to refer to the applicable legislation and legal documents. In the light of this, the Jewish Community of Slovenia pointed out that the successors of the Communists are referring to the revolutionary Yugoslav legislation and expressed the belief that the conduct of the SD party was contrary to today’s view of justice. Regarding the peaceful resolution of the mentioned issue, they pointed out that there was no real political will on the part of the SD to resolve the dispute.

Last year we could see how the SD party delegation proudly bowed to the monument of one of the greatest Slovenian slaughterers in history – Boris Kidrič. In doing so, they were not bothered at all by the fact that Kidrič was known as the originator of the bloody revolution. We have already written that in 1941, on behalf of the CK-KPS, he ordered the massacre of all ideological opponents, including all OF leaders who belonged to a bourgeois movement, landowners, capitalists, industrialists, kulaks, leaders and functionaries of bourgeois parties, who were not at work in the OF or NOV, White Guard leaders, Blue Guard leaders, intellectuals, students and cafe politicians, and some priests, representing a so-called uprising against the occupier. The SD also did not express its approval of the European Parliament’s resolution on European consciousness and totalitarianism, which condemns all three totalitarianisms. Perhaps all this is not so surprising, because, as MP Marko Koprivc said, the SD party represents the proud successors of the League of Communists.

Anyway, at a time when we are facing an epidemic of a new coronavirus, it is particularly unfortunate that the SD party does not warn that mass collection is very irresponsible. Instead, on April 27th, we could see how the party even expressed approval over the whole thing, even though a maximum of ten people is allowed to gather under the current ordinances. On the day we recorded 10,000 active cases of infection, protesters did not keep a proper distance from each other, and some did not even wear a protective mask. MP Koprivc expressed his support for the mass rally via Twitter, and in addition, the president of the SD party, Tanja Fajon, retweeted it in support of the rally. With this move, it became clear that they did not learn anything from the foolish campaign of school without masks, which resulted in an increase in infections.

Although it is clear that the concerned articles about media freedom in our country are based on the same statements of our interlocutors, without showing the position of the other side, and every now and then affairs appear that soon turn out to be far from real, we can still listen on the SD how concerned they are. Their messages are then transmitted abroad. This, of course, completely unnecessarily tarnishes the reputation of the country that will soon hold the presidency of the EU Council. Thus, we can see how they are loudly problematizing the financing of STA, while “forgetting” to mention the truth, namely that the director of STA has not wanted to hand over the necessary documentation for months so that the financing of STA can be finally regulated. It often seems to many that the SD party’s agenda always includes the mantra of how to get back to power on the basis of slandering the government, while putting the health of citizens on hold.

Nina Žoher

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