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Slovenia is the ninth European country with the most cars per household

Slovenia is among the top ten European countries with the most cars per household, according to a new survey. It ranks ninth. Austria is next, followed by Finland.

The study by analysed 29 European countries on how many registered passenger cars there are per thousand inhabitants, then compared this to the number of households.

Among the ten European countries, including Slovenia, with the most cars per household, Cyprus came first, followed by Poland, Luxembourg and Malta, and then Italy, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Slovenia and Austria.

While for many families one car is enough, for others it is becoming the norm to have at least two cars parked in the driveway. This is clearly the case in Cyprus, which comes in first place with an average of 1.72 cars per household. Poland is in second place, with an average of 1.67 cars per household, and is also the country with the oldest cars, with a third of cars reported to be over 20 years old. Luxembourg, in third place, is the top country in terms of car ownership per person. Slovenia has 1.27 cars per household. Our neighbour Austria is behind with 1.26 cars per household.

But the survey also revealed other interesting data. Among other things, Hungary has the cheapest fuel at €1.25 per litre. And a Toyota Corolla can be bought most cheaply in Greece for €17,650.

By A. S.

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